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    Bedrock Two things id like to see in cubecraft

    Oh i didn't know that. I'll check that out
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    Bedrock Add the bridge 1v1

    Hive already has bridge 1v1 and 2v2 so I mean there is that. It is a bit different than cubecrafts Bridge though
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    Bedrock Two things id like to see in cubecraft

    First, I just want more furniture in skyblock man, maybe in the original skyblock rank, or just anything cheaper than the living room pack. Also, maybe a little update to skyblock? The end has been coming soon for a while now. I'm starting to think it's not coming soon. Second, I feel like...
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    Bedrock Just a couple suggestions and my reasoning behind them for sky block

    I really like this. Reading the first paragraph I was confused fishing was a great way to get xp early game. But, I feel like the biome fishing this would be a great addition to the game. I also think the armor level maxing out at 5 is bogus. You should be able to level it up more. Going to the...
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    If you want to get better at pvp, Galaxite has a gamemode called playground and it has 1v1 melee, sumo and bow duels, it has ffa duels, ffa kit pvp and dodgeball
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    Bedrock Java New game idea

    Ahhhh I remember hearing about that a couple years ago, I forgot about that.
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    Bedrock Java New game idea

    Cubecraft has enough games? Maybe on java, I haven't played that but on bedrock (and maybe java if they have the same games) it gets boring after a while, and there and many new gamemodes to any of the featured minecraft servers. I play on ps4 so getting non featured servers isn't that easy and...
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    Bedrock Java New game idea

    Nah man I mean it would be like it except just pvp and with maybe 5 people. It could be a block wars or a battle arena. Also, egg wars is a rip off of bedwars (obviously. And bedwars knock offs are normal at this point so it doesn't doesn't matter) and minerware is just a rip off of warioware so...
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    Can i join someones Island

    I just recently got the rank and the current co op I'm on is getting a bit boring due to the times being so long and also just playing on it for a while. I'm on bedrock edition.
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    Bedrock Java New game idea

    So, it's like battle box in Minecraft championship. You choose kits and go against another team, but, you fight to the death instead of having to place wool on the middle. I'm thinking 4 or 5 players per team, and I'm a bedrock player so maybe java and bedrock.
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