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  1. Rawrbin

    All Networks Clubes!

    Clubes: clubs in CubeCraft! Some additional information This thread is based off of this thread, which is also based on other threads. However I'll only be taking care of the Clube part (Their Guilds part). I'd like to bring this idea back to life, due to the new suggestions system and it being...
  2. Rawrbin

    Video Fun stuff

    I made this with @Zillu Oh it has 1 swearword in it, sorry
  3. Rawrbin

    Models Rawrbin's 3D Models

    So I've been experiencing with 3D Models. Here are my results. 1 - It's a dog with a bone 2 - Random happy new year gif 3 - My last project, a helicopter (Modeling is done, it's just texturing now) 4 - A landscape thumbstone for Bedrock 5 - Panda with sugarcane 6 - Unfinished reindeer :3 7 -...
  4. Rawrbin

    Video Trapping with Soph :)

    Hello this is my 2nd video :) This is my first: Video - Clutches and funny stuff | CubeCraft Games Here it is Disclaimer: there's swearing :( Please say if you liked it or not :)
  5. Rawrbin

    Video Clutches and funny stuff

    This is my first video... I can't edit.. nor can I speed up some bits I wanted to speed up.. Enjoy? :) (Not everything is a clutch, but when I thought it was fun I just put it in there) Here it is.
  6. Rawrbin

    Java Loot previews

    Hey there! You've probably already encountered this problem. You open a cubelet, get a win effect and use it. You go into a game to look at it, turns out.. it took 1 hour to win a game and when you finally win.. you forgot about your win effect and didn't look at it.. The proces just starts...
  7. Rawrbin

    All Networks Chat settings - Notifications

    Hey there! I'll make this as short as possible. Right now there is one button to disable BOTH notifications when your name is mentioned in chat, and when you recieve a private message. Due to privacy reasons when reporting, I disabled this feature. However, I still want to be notified when...
  8. Rawrbin

    All Networks GG/WP in a message

    Hey there! This is a quick suggestion, after a game you can earn +1 experience for saying either gg/wp or bingo. However, this only works if you specifically say "gg". Saying "haha gg" or "gg haha" will not give you +1 experience. I'd like to see this changed, that whenever you say "wow...
  9. Rawrbin

    Screenshot Event

    Hey there! Yesterday I was playing with some people, together with Dylaila. As usual, I love to take screenshots if we're in a big party. So, we did take a screenshot! As Dylaila suggested, I uploaded this screenshot to the #media section on discord. But here's where the fun thing came in, I...
  10. Rawrbin

    Java SkyBlock Collectibles

    Hey there! Yes you read that right, SkyBlock Collectibles. I'm suggesting to add collectibles. This one is about the mob heads. There would be a 0.05% ish chance of a mob dropping its head after manually killing it. This wouldn't change much, nor give any extra loot drops or money. However...
  11. Rawrbin

    Discord #Featured-Games Announcement in Discord

    Hello there! Yes, the title of this thread is pretty straight forward. This service would take place in the Discord server. The Discord server is used by a lot of people, people who play daily, but also by people who only like to play arcade games, and don't log on often. This of for both...
  12. Rawrbin

    Java LineDash "Go Message"

    Hey there, Have you played LineDash before? I bet you have. Then you'll most likely have seen the "GO" message. In my opinion this message is too big, especially in smaller maps, like this one: Experiment (shown in the picture.) Why is it too big? In LineDash, you'll meet eachother rather...
  13. Rawrbin

    Java Players have maximum 10 hearts?

    Hey! I was playing MinerWare recently, when this question popped up. This question is as following: Players have maximum 10 hearts? The answer is "YES", however when eating a golden apple, players have 18 hearts, which means this is false. If I misinterpreted this, let me know, but I think...
  14. Rawrbin

    Java MinerWare 'Stand on Light Blue'

    Hey! There is this minigame in MinerWare called "Stand on <color>". It shows the name of the color in the corresponding color, however when you have to stand on "Light Blue" it gives a shows a little darker shade instead of "Light Blue" It's just a small something that I'd like to see changed...
  15. Rawrbin

    Java Display of projectile option.

    A small change, but something that would be very useful! Having the chat display what chest items and time it is, is really useful. However you cannot see what type of projectile option got chosen in here. It's most of the time already out of your screen, and you have to open chat again to see...
  16. Rawrbin

    Canals Map (well)

    Hello there, did you discover this new, awesome map too? You probably did if you're reading this, and you might have jumped/fallen into the small well? Yes, I did too! I could not finish the maze, and did not want to /kill myself. Unfortunately, I had to after 25 minutes because I just had to...
  17. Rawrbin

    Robin's Introduction

    Hello! I'm Robin! Hey! I've been reading a lot of introductions, and realised I didn't make one myself. So here it is! I'm Robin, I'm 16 years old and I love CubeCraft. I have been playing cubecraft since April 2016. Yes, I'm not kidding haha. I bought MineCraft because of this YouTuber called...
  18. Rawrbin

    Java SkyBlock sell mechanism

    This is a SkyBlock suggestion, with multiple choices. I've seen a lot of people complaining about the sell mechanism, that it's too slow, too time consuming and hard to sell items. That's why I created an idea in my head that would be cool to be added. I've had 3 main ideas. Idea 1: Shift Click...
  19. Rawrbin

    Java Cooperative SkyBlock Suggestion

    Hey, I believe many of you play SkyBlock, and most of you play cooperative. You might be at the point where stuff is taking millions to buy. At this point you probably said "Only you can have the money, since that gives us the opportunity to buy <item> faster". I'd like to see this changed...
  20. Rawrbin

    Java Present Rush, a Christmas themed game

    Hello there! Christmas is coming, and so are the Christmas themed games and lobby, such as Christmas Themed maps, Snowmand Survival and … oh. No Present Rush? That's right. We haven't seen the game Present Rush in a while. This is by far, one of my most favorite CubeCraft games of all time...
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