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  1. Andy-

    Unnable to connect to Cubecraft!

    Im trying to log in to the server and this happens. Is the server down/updating or it is just me? (yes I can connect to other servers)
  2. Andy-

    Get a free subscriber on youtube from me <3

    Reply with your YouTube Channel link and I'll subscribe!
  3. Andy-

    Bedrock Hacks or Lag

    As I was playing Skywars earlier today this happened. Do you think he was lagging or he was hacking?
  4. Andy-


    Is it just me or every time I join a cubecraft lobby feels like this (actuall screenshot)
  5. Andy-

    Should Steve be added to Minecraft?

    Should Steve be added to Minecraft? Vote here: why is this blue?
  6. Andy-

    I have negative IQ

    well, I thought it was gonna be a good idea to report my own thread about being able to report my thread (yes i know it sounds dumb) and I accidentally got my own thread removed xD. Can I undo that?
  7. Andy-

    Bedrock Spectate a specific player

    Recently in Skywars Solos, I got killed by a hacker who was flying and killing everyone in seconds. When I died the first thing I did it was to open the Windows Recorder to record some footage of him hacking in order to include it to my report. But as I was flying around the map I couldn't spot...
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