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  1. privqted

    Bedrock Fix CTF Duels!

    The most recent duels update added CTF Duels and in my opinion there's a few features that should be changed. Firstly - Respawn Time. When CTF duels was released the respawn time was 5 seconds. But then they decided to change it from 5 seconds to 2 seconds, this makes it very difficult to...
  2. privqted

    All implemented suggestions per player

    so happy i got short skins banned 🙏
  3. privqted


  4. privqted

    Bedrock Remove Bow trails in FFA

    Bow trails are a new affect added with the Skywars rank. These trails first only worked in Skywars but now work in every gamemode. In battle arena there is an FFA kit called Archer with comes with a bow and 32 arrows. People then start to spam their bow while standing on a high up area. This...
  5. privqted

    just noticed your admin, congrats!!

    just noticed your admin, congrats!!
  6. privqted

    Implemented Bedrock People standing in FFA Kits

    In FFA there is a line of kits that you can choose from. But some people decide to just stand inside the kits which makes it very annoying to click into the kit that you want (im aware you can just use the kit selection tool in your inventory but think most people would rather hit the character...
  7. privqted

    Bedrock Add MLGRush into cubecraft

    this sounds like a horrible idea. its just gonna lead to players getting banned and its only a practice gamemode
  8. privqted

    Bedrock bring back the old ui

    its a new feature. its obviously not going to be perfect at the start, just let them fix it
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