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  1. Goldvelocity982

    All Networks Increase exp received for every kill made

    Hello to all the casual players and grinders out there! Whoever likes to grind games that give players only one life knows that winning might be easy, but to increase the levels, you have to continue grinding continuously to make up for the increasing exp level ceiling. This is also true in...
  2. Goldvelocity982

    All Networks Add server for Asia region- Repost

    Hello cubecrafters! All the players who connect from the Asia region (Including me) need to have good internet to play the minigames. For ages, this has been an issue for people in Asia. Recently, cubecraft added NA servers and those who live in NA must be happy playing skywars while we spend...
  3. Goldvelocity982

    Reduce price of gravel

    I have been playing skyblock for a long time, and I have never been so frustrated by the quest 'Blot out the sun'. So here's the problem- Gravel is too expensive, and my farms can't keep up with them. Whenever I break gravel, either I get the block back, or instead of a block I get flint. This...
  4. Goldvelocity982

    Flint is too hard for me to get

    Hey guys! At this point, everyone who is reading this thread has played on skyblock for at least one month has run into this problem before- Yea, this image above me. Whenever I hear the 'Blot out the sun' quest my head goes crazy thinking about it. I had started breaking gravel blocks for...
  5. Goldvelocity982

    Cubecraft maps

    Hello everyone! The cubecraft team works very hard to implement changes and add new items and updates for us. I had recently seen a thread opened yesterday related to downloading maps and how other servers had been taking complete map ideas and using it on their own servers. The maps were made...
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