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  1. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock Ignore FFA player (so people can't target us)

    Hey everyone! I just make a new suggestion so yesterday my friend and me chill or pvp fist in ffa like someone target me for no reason by sweats player, it's really annoying, people think I'm joining clan ffa like not, Qt, x or Q clan, my old nickname is NotSNOWINGYT so I made by myself, people...
  2. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock Add difficult mode

    Hello i just wanna make a new suggestion im getting really mad bc cubecraft hunger are really annoying why? Getting hunger everytime So i will make a new suggestion about difficult mode so i really do to voting mode like... peaceful mode Easy Mode Normal Mode Hardcore Mode i really dont know if...
  3. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿


    Hey i just hit 100! this my new record anyways :) Road to 300 winstreak? 👀
  4. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿


    Hey guys I just hit 70 Winstreak to4 it's really hard to get a lot winstreak, I'm really happy rn bc I have a lot friend to help me get a lot wins :) Thanks @pitzj Road to 100 Winstreak? 👀
  5. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock No void in eggwars duels Insane fight 😲😱🥶🥶

    Heyya guys I made without void in eggwars duels do u like it? 1v1 EGGWARS BATTLE INSANE 😱🥶🥶
  6. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    All Networks The problem with cubecraft..

    Hello everyone I just want make feedback FLYING HACKERS WON'T GET KICKED Well if u try to escape from the cages u got kicked for flying but how about flying hackers? Why you shouldn't kick flying hackers... DOUBLE CLICKING AND DRAG CLICK well cubecraft make double clicking bannable, double is...
  7. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    All Networks add death message in boss game minerware (TNT RUN & BOW SPLEEF)

    Hello i just want make a new suggestion i really like to play minerware but i have an idea but i really cant see people falling in the void bc its really hard u cant see up and down if people died in the void like tnt run so thats it if u want this vote :agree: if u want this :unsure: u...
  8. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock Add long background in profile

    Hello I just wanna make a new suggestion I just have a new idea but we need background it will be aesthetic this is example U can choose different background like Eggwars lobby background, Skywars lobby background, and many different color It will be amazing Vote agree :agree: if u want this
  9. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Skywars asmr handcam gameplay

    enjoy the video i need more views
  10. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Java Bedrock add winrate

    hello i make a idea suggestion winrate winrate is for how many wins you get? example Wins Eggwars mega 122 Games played 141 =80.5%Winrate pls add this in all statistics game, because i need this ;p
  11. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Builds World Trade Center old

    Hey I build the twin tower for 5 month rn Take a look World Trade plaza outside world Trade I created in 17 November 2021, I took this so long and why i create this bc people asking for download map so I will make this building and I really need help to build this and no one helping me...
  12. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Java Bedrock game stumble guys for Minecraft

    Hello i have an idea for this suggestion the name game is stumble guys, I have been playing for 3 months stumble guys, stumble guys like a parkour or racing game there's 32 players.there's a different map but, Playing stumble guys parkour like finish the race parkour if you lose u can...
  13. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Old clip montage

    enjoy the montage 😊
  14. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Thank you.

    Hello I'm back, okay i just wanna tell why i really dont play cubecraft anymore, its really kinda boring no one playing with me, im just alone guy. when i started playing cubecraft since 2019 July 7, its really fun playing skywars, eggwars and much more and i really love playing cubecraft, so...
  15. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    1 Year On The Forum

    Hey welcome! I've been active on forums a lot also thanks for the support i really enjoy this forum it feel make me happy i feel safe bc i didnt get ban Also im waiting for the new points :3 Thanks ♡♡♡♡ i love you everyone -SNOWING
  16. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock Add Replay mode

    Hello everyone!!! new suggestions so i repost again bc y not. so replay mod can report hackers,rule breaker and making montages Hive and zeqa server has replay mode i just saw the video Why we need replay mode? well cubecraft have /sr if ur report got expired, u can record the rule breaker...
  17. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock add /fmsg

    Hai im back so i make small suggestions so /fmsg dosent work on bedrock and /fmsg works on java also u can do /fmsg <friend> <messages> why we need /fmsg u can send messages to ur friend to playing games and party also plz vote agree unsure and disagreed i hope this thread getting forwarded...
  18. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock updated the scoreboard

    hello ;---; everyone... i make small suggestion now ;------; so /points dosent work anymore, but ping is work rn so here this is example (sorry i dont use image :v) VIP Level :4 Prefix: [Snowy] Points 500000 Lobby EU Lobby 1 Level 112 Ping 90 so do u like it? the example scoreboard, it will be...
  19. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Discord Ping roles - repost

    Hey all, new suggestions is here but this is repost this old thread made by Toxuka https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/ping-roles.275690/ so its already Escalated but staff forgot it i just copy bc why not? :v Giveaways @Giveaway Acquire pinged toward every giveaway. it will help the staff...
  20. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Discord Make nitro boosters can join vc bedrock ranks and java ranks

    Hey there new suggestion is here, i think this suggestion getting bad bc so many disagreed by people Also i dont have java rank bc i want join java vc So we can talking in java vc and bedrock vc with nitro booster it will be fun I also i wanna watch stream in java ranks vc bc its fun to see game...
  21. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Web Followers leaderboard

    Hi there, i make new suggestion So on ccg forums forgot add followers leaderboard Everyone can see the most followers in leaderboard, This is small suggestion Thanks
  22. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Ccg montage again?

    Enjoy i will changed the thumbnail
  23. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Combo and Block clutch montage

    Enjoy the video sub pls and like -;-;-;-;
  24. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Bedrock Spawn lobby

    Hey guys i make new suggestion :Oo I was doing beating parkour lobby,and i fell but its to far to get spawn So u can do /spawn or u can click spawn in compass navigator In eggwars,skywars etc u can do /spawn into lobby spawn Thanks for reading ;-;-; if u agreed this thread
  25. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Web Remove the poll in FeedBack and suggestions

    Hi there so everyone wont using the poll in feedback and suggestions We can use reaction like agreed,unsure and disagreed I make small suggestions so thats it Thanks for reading ;;'z;-;
  26. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Block clutch montage

    Enjoy the video
  27. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Come and Go Combos1?1??1

    Enjoy the video man
  28. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    Video Montage ?1?1

    Enjoy the video
  29. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿

    POLL Who is the best cubecraft pvper?? (Bedrock)

    VOTE Now Who is the best cubecraft pvper on bedrock 👀 I will send all the videos Pigknight356 videos IgnBlair's videos Transparental's videos Xclutchingg's videos That1Turtle2 videos Adamthrape Lightschips Yigit no video :c Darkninja27 no video :( Chief Aaron Pigknight356 is the best cubecraft...
  30. SNOWINGYT Woii 🗿


    I hit 1k wins ::DD
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