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  1. CubeT0ch

    I have a problem with looking for group in the cubecraft discord

    Ok I am a little bit of a pickle here. You see in a group dm on discord I asked a no rank if they had a rank and tells them they can get a rank for the using Microsoft rewards now the player got mad and decide to tell everyone on the cubecraft idk that I only want skilled no ranks when I...
  2. CubeT0ch

    Discord When you link your account to discord your primary account username should show on discord

    I am surprised no one has suggested this before but you know on the lfg section on the cubecraft discord it is slow to add people because there gamertag doesn’t show up so what I was think was that the server should make it so once you link your account on the forums to you discord it should...
  3. CubeT0ch

    All Networks Why skyblock needs updates

    Skyblock cubecraft staffs most disliked if not most hated gamemode to update always taking a while just for a small bug fix and plus we have already seen as a community that cubecraft can update skyblock to 1.14 proven with the magic and mayhem even but cubecraft refuse instead us skyblock...
  4. CubeT0ch

    Web Cubecraft needs to fix necroposting

    Now your probably already know me for getting necro post bans and complaining about it but this time I am going to talk about how necroposting affects the engagement of the forums and how to fix it like seriously. Now you might think cubecraft is an active forum but really that's only in the...
  5. CubeT0ch

    Blockwars and skyblock two games with unleashed potential

    Now this is a thread about two games witch in my opinion are just sadly ignored a lot by stuff and developers and even when they get updates they are small and not wanted if not used and that is why I am making this thread about skyblock and blockwars and both of the games will be split up into...
  6. CubeT0ch

    Bedrock Cubecraft needs more eggwars maps like golf. Part 3 Edit: EGGWARS UPDATE LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    You thought I won't come back ha well the Halloween map in cubecraft eggwars was really good and was similar to golf but it isn't here anymore sadly enough and that's why I am asking for a PERMENATE cubecraft eggwars map like golf and I won't stop until I get a permenate map like golf on...
  7. CubeT0ch


    You guys all though I was banned forever well nope. In fact instead I was fighting a war against the passport system witch wasn't allowing me to log it and it took a while for staff to help me but wouter is the reason why I am back and I am going to be posting a lot more again since like I said...
  8. CubeT0ch

    Bedrock Cubecraft needs more maps like golf. Part 2

    BEFORE YOU DARE SAY, Cubecraft already has lots of maps. Well that's for the java edition and on the bedrock edition there are barely any good cubecraft solo maps because they are all the same witch the same idea being 3 islands next to one island witch contains diamonds or sometimes gold then...
  9. CubeT0ch

    I am on my last life

    Now I am really scared. You see I though I can create another account but I can't because it's against the rules and I couldn't figure out how to get onto my cubecraft forums account after 2 weeks. Now I am on my account again with several bans for necroposting witch in my opinion I think...
  10. CubeT0ch

    Hello there it's been a month

    Hello. Do you remember me, if not let me tell you who I am. I am a cubecraft former that has bene banned multiple times for necroposting and my most recent one was from last month witch was a month ban and my next ban will be permeant so to avoid that I am making a new about called necro man or...
  11. CubeT0ch

    Web Deleted

  12. CubeT0ch

    I am leaving cubecraft forums. (Not Server)

    Intro - Now I created my forums account on the 18 of July 2020 and since then I haven't been the most active. I mostly joined to talk about skyblock but realized that there was mothing interesting so I talked about other games on cubecraft then I left for a while (for no reason) then came back...
  13. CubeT0ch

    Bedrock Cubecraft needs more maps like golf (DELETED) Bad suggestion. ):

    Have you even wanted to speedrun eggwars and the only map that is fit for speedrunning is gold and you have gotten bored of golf, well same for me. It's not like the other cubecraft eggwars maps are bad. It's just that they aren't made for rushing witch is very annoying and BARN IS THE WORST...
  14. CubeT0ch

    What can you craft in 1.12.2 skyblock

    I just want to know what can you craft in 1.12.2 skyblock.
  15. CubeT0ch

    Is skyblock rank worth it

    I know I already made a similar thread to this but that was a suggestion. This time I want to hear the opinion's of the skyblock rank in the skyblock community.
  16. CubeT0ch

    Bedrock Skyblock rank needs more features..? Deleted.

    Now I want to rant about skyblock rank not that it is useless but the rank isn't so worth it compared to the other ranks and I want to say some suggestions on how to fix that. 1. Add a 5 profile slot just like how if you have a high rank on cubecraft java. You can have 5 profile slots. 2 Add a...
  17. CubeT0ch

    Anyone want to coop with me. Bedrock and java

    Urm I an getting bored of playing in my skyblock island anyone want to copp with me. For bedrock my gamertag is Timx21019254 and for java well friend me and dm me on discord TX Bloxcraft#2830 and I am just bored of playing on my skyblock island by myself and also sadly all the people that I have...
  18. CubeT0ch

    Now because cubecraft java is changing to 1.12 Who can teach me how to pvp in 1.9

    Now cubecraft java in the next 2 months is going to make there server to be 1.12 I want to learn how to 1.9 pvp because I suck at it all I know is how to strafe and I am not even good at it.
  19. CubeT0ch

    Where are the cubecraft bedrock rules I can't find them.

    Litraly title.
  20. CubeT0ch

    Who plays cubecraft java on 1.8.9 and who plays cubecraft java in 1.9.4

    Hello I want to know how many people on cubecraft play 1.8.9 to 1.9.4 and upwards to 1.16.5
  21. CubeT0ch

    Java Cubecraft eggwars is being neglected.

    Hello may I tell you this and I know most people play minecraft bedrock edition so it won't matter to you but cubecraft eggwars is there most favourite game in cubecraft bedrock and it fills up very fast and there is a large following to it but when it is minecraft java edtion it is another...
  22. CubeT0ch

    When you be mean to someone in skywars and you feel guilty.

    You know who has even played cubecraft skyways or any competitive game loses gets mad and sends their anger to the player by saying hax ,bruh, noob, you suck ect and then sooner or later they feel guilty and they get scared that they have a small chance of getting punished on the server well you...
  23. CubeT0ch

    I have a bit of a problem on every server in minecraft

    When I join any server including Cubecraft I see players moving 1 fps and when I do things they get delayed like sprinting clicking on things ect and I want to know the problem because this happens not just on Cubecraft on every server in Minecraft bedrock edition and if I don't find out what...
  24. CubeT0ch

    How do you report players in the cubecraft server bedrock and java...?

    If you don't know I would like to know how to report players on Cubecraft and why because hackers LOVE hacking in skywars so I need to make justice and I need to ban the hacker by reporting them but I haven't figured out how..?
  25. CubeT0ch

    Can I link my Minecraft bedrock and Java account on Cubecraft

    You know do you have a Minecraft bedrock and Java account and you play Cubecraft and you wanted to link both of those accounts well same I wonder if that's possible to because I have linked my Java account just idk if I am able to link my Minecraft bedrock account.
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