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  1. MultiMakto

    All Networks FFA suggestion: Combat logging

    That was in May. Seems like there wasn't too much progress on that
  2. MultiMakto

    All Networks FFA suggestion: Combat logging

    Hello CubeCrafters! I'd like to suggest adding a proper punishment for combat logging in Free-For-All PvP: If a player logs off during combat, then the person fighting them should get kill credit. Recently I've faced a few foes in FFA where my enemy logs off or does /hub just as I'm about to...
  3. MultiMakto

    ⚠️ NOTICE: Magic & Mayhem - The final week!

    I feared this day would come, and alas... I will miss you, axolandls.
  4. MultiMakto

    [JAVA] CubeCraft Resource Pack

    Make sure the fire is really small when you're burning, default textures blind me with fire! Also if you remember any old cube craft events, put references of those! Like the Evil Easter bunny, Magic & mayhem etc...
  5. MultiMakto

    Competetive Parkour Prison Map

    I feel the iron bar jump is at such a point where failing it can be too much of a gamechanger. It's halfway to the checkpoint, so giving players a better chance to reach the point would be better, or then add a checkpoint before the bars. However, attempting it a few times now, I'm getting the...
  6. MultiMakto

    Word game

  7. MultiMakto

    Competetive Parkour Prison Map

    Thanks so much :)
  8. MultiMakto

    Java Competitive parkour option

    This could also give a good chance to practice a single map better. However, I feel like there aren't ever enough comp players online at once so that there would be several players queueing up for the same game. Or then that's just me. But it's a great suggestion regardless, I'd say it should...
  9. MultiMakto

    Competetive Parkour Prison Map

    @Deann could you move this post to suggestions please? I've put it in the wrong forum apparently.
  10. MultiMakto

    Competetive Parkour Prison Map

    Alright, where do I ask a mod to move it to the proper place?
  11. MultiMakto

    Introduction Cubelett

    Hello Romello, welcome aboard! I must say your work in healthcare is really important, you're doing a good thing.
  12. MultiMakto

    Epic swag Intro

    I have both, actually XD my family has given me their old guitars. Learning on an acoustic can be harder BTW, typically they need more strength to get the notes right.
  13. MultiMakto

    Epic swag Intro

    Ooh, I'm sure you'll learn it. If you have a specific goal with guitar, focus on things that lead you there. I started by learning chords and scales, I suggest doing that too :)
  14. MultiMakto

    Epic swag Intro

    Congratulations [your name], you are the [visitor number+1]th person to visit this thread! My name's Sam, I joined the forums yesterday but I've played on CubeCraft actively since last year's Christmas. I'm 19 and I come from Eastern Finland. Besides Minecraft my time's consumed by slacking...
  15. MultiMakto

    Enderman Tuesday Issue 4: parkour and blockwars

    hehe yea, obviously luckywars best
  16. MultiMakto

    New Parkour Modes

    These are great suggestions! I was disheartened when Hive's Java servers got closed down, Deathrun was one of my favorite gamemodes. Obviously Deathrun should have some more dangerous obstacles, it shouldn't be a basic parkour. Otherwise it'll be just a Competetive parkour game but with 10-16...
  17. MultiMakto

    Thank you :D

    Thank you :D
  18. MultiMakto

    Competetive Parkour Prison Map

    Hello CubeCrafters! I've recently fallen in love with the new competitive parkour gamemode. The new maps are fun (and it's fun to bm someone by standing at the finish line until they arrive lol), and sometimes I've even managed to give some advice to players on jumping about. There's a problem...
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