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  1. Akyshu


    hello everybody:p My name is Elise I'm 15 years old Firts I wanne excuse me to the staff team because I was spamming ill hope you can forgive me.:( I don't wanne be a bad person you know, it was wrong to spam and I am broken fore my behavior,the forum is my life. Sorry staff team:(
  2. Akyshu


    The game is fun and Nice
  3. Akyshu

    Parkour back???

    i really hope parkiur is comesback because its fantastic.
  4. Akyshu

    I don't like the game

    I don't know But I don't like it i like more the fight games
  5. Akyshu

    Mineware team

    why NOT ??
  6. Akyshu


    A copple Months ago there where Evert day a lot of hackers But when sentinel comes there where no hackers anyore
  7. Akyshu


    Hello everybody.❤️ My name is Elise I'm 15 years old. I made a mistake to spam on this forum so I wanne excuse me fore that, I don't wanne be a bad person why I'm acting like this:(. So I'm very sorry tho the staff team ill hope you guys/girls can forgive me:(
  8. Akyshu

    Bruh I can't sleep

    life sucks when you can't sleep.
  9. Akyshu

    hackers are low

    why are there hackers? because they are low! they can't win without hacks! nobody like's it o_O
  10. Akyshu

    i like the new skywars

    i like it because there is not op stuff enymore in normal chest. thanks fore that ;)
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