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  1. dante3808

    Transferring Money (Coins) On Bedrock Sky-block To Co-Op members

    Okay Hear Me Out Here, So Playing On My Co-Op World I Died and Went Down to 68 Coins, After Telling My Friends They Laughed And Said "Maybe I Could Send You a Coin" Which Being The Childish Person That I Am Caused Me To Laugh. So I Was Wondering If It Is Already Possible to Send Other Players...
  2. dante3808

    Slowly becoming the richest in SkyBlock

    So recently (few months back) me and my friends start a co-op Skyblock (bedrock) and I decide to become the richest co-op, and during my research I found out that we'd need to make over 2 813 500 000 to enter the top ten, so what I'm asking is if anyone has any advice for us on our quest.
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