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  1. Cyanlloyd

    Java Bedrock Game duels 2 v 2 mode (upcoming game)

    Dear Cubecraft staff and players, For the upcoming game mode game duels (You can read about it here), there should be a 2 v 2 mode. I don’t know if this is planned already, but I think it would be nice to a have. Normal duels already has this, so I don’t know why game duels should be left in...
  2. Cyanlloyd

    Resolved Why is enchanting/anvil disabled? (Bedrock)

    Dear Cubecraft team, Can I know the reason(s) why enchanting/anvil is disabled in games like Skywars? I made a bug report back in 2020 and no updates since, so I‘m pretty sure it is intentional. The recent Skywars update brought exp, but you can’t do anything with it since you can’t enchant or...
  3. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add time vote option to other ranks please + vote for night option

    The new skywars rank has a time voting option, which I like. However other game ranks didn‘t have this feature added. So my suggestion is to add it to other games like eggwars, SG etc. also consider a night voting option so we have three options. I hope you agree with this suggestion and if...
  4. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Remove standard golden swords in skywars.

    Hi there cubecraft. Currently, in a skywars game, you can get golden swords in your starter chests (normal mode). They are bad because 1: they break very fast and 2: their damage is really low. You always also get an axe and that axe is often better than the sword, making the sword completely...
  5. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Option to disable custom kill messages (repost)

    Dear Cubecraft community, This idea is basically a repost of this suggestion, which unfortunately didn’t get enough traction to reach the forwarded mark. That’s why I am reposting this suggestion. Currently whenever you reach a certain rank (Java) or buy a game-specific rank (Bedrock) you get...
  6. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks If you successfully hit someone with a bow, a message should be shown in the chat

    Hello Cubecrafters, I have a small but very useful idea for a quality of life feature regarding bows: If you hit a player with a bow, a message should be shown in chat. Maybe something like: player has x hearts remaining. It Is one of those features where you think: why isn’t this already...
  7. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Make ladders be able to be purchased in bulk (eggwars normal mode)

    Title says it all. Currently in normal mode you can only buy ladders separately instead of bulk. Please make it either: Change it to be like overpowered mode, so it is purchased in bulk (just a little more expensive) Add a separate purchase in bulk option, alongside a single purchase. With...
  8. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Please revert the diamond generator capacities back to old.

    The new eggwars update buffed the diamond gens’ capacities. For example: Level 2 now can store 8 diamonds instead of 5 Level 3 now can store 16 diamonds instead of 10 Due to this change, campers have a much easier time and each time I play, there is one person in OP with full dia armor in 2-3...
  9. Cyanlloyd

    Resolved (Bedrock) Is there a reason that the berserker kit is objectively worse than the other kits (FFA)

    All the other kits in FFA have some kind of specification for the player. But this kit is just a worse version of the archer kit. My guess is that it was ported straight from Java edition where the axe deals more damage. But on Bedrock this kit is practically useless. Do you know why this is?
  10. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks A suggestion regarding custom kill messages…

    Hey all, I hope your doing all great. This is my first suggestion since a very long time. I have purchased the eggwars rank. I enjoy the perks that you get, but something particular bugs me: Those custom kill messages cannot be disabled. I think it’s kinda dumb to have those forced on the...
  11. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock My best mega game

    No deaths and all eggs broken in less than 20 minutes.
  12. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Custom egg break messages

    The eggwars rank should include the custom egg break messages. (like in Java). Just another nice feature to have and to bring more parity between the networks
  13. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Why is there a difference in the amount of teams in quads?

    You see, Team of 4 maps on Java have 6-8 teams, while bedrock only has 4. Why is this? cause bedrock has may more players I would love to hear your thoughts
  14. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Hitting people with bows should note their health

    A very small but useful feature. I did choose all networks but it’s mainly for bedrock. Without this bow duels is a pain. Also great for eggwars and skywars. if disagree please explain why.
  15. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Give the hub parkour a minor reward

    The hub parkour under the lobby was said to be given a reward. This wasn’t implemented for some reason. I suggest something minor: 100 xp Parkour master chat prefix.
  16. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Blockwars core for bedrock?

    I have played blockwars core once on Java. I really want to see it in bedrock as well. Maybe first as a beta game. If implemented, we will have all three blockwars modes. Click this link to learn something about blockwars core: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/blockwars-core-mode-and-more.133680/
  17. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Minerware hard mode for bedrock

    Hello I think there should Minerware hard mode should be added. There have been a couple of Minerware updates and still no hard mode. I think voting for normal or hard mode should be a vip reward (level 1 or 2) A miner rank could be made as well, as Minerware has no rank for some reason. Hard...
  18. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Buff the berserker kit

    In FFA, there is the berserker kit. (Almost) nobody uses this, because: Archer has a knockback weapon as well, has better armor and includes a powerful bow. Samurai has a way better weapon. Has fall damage resistance and has Speed II as well. I think berserker needs a diamond helmet. Also the...
  19. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add the strength potion to the emerald shop - repost

    Original thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/add-the-strength-potion-to-the-emerald-shop.279372/ Just an item from Java which wasn’t ported to Bedrock for some reason. Would love to see it there so fights can be quicker
  20. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock So more kits for eggwars

    I think eggwars should have 2 more kits. - Tank Gives armor Gives some protection at the start of the game Hardcore: leather chestplate Normal: Leather set OP: leather set enchanted with protection 3 ( The helmet in builder should be removed) - Knight Gives a weapon Useful for dealing some...
  21. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Health vote for Bedrock (repost)

    Original thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/health-vote-for-bedrock.265297/ Would bring many more strategies for the game. Would help speedrunners by making kills easier. Make it either a vip-reward or include in a rank for a game.
  22. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Hitting people with a bow should note their health (repost)

    Original thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/hitting-people-with-a-bow-should-note-their-health.270503/ it has been a very long time now and it is still not implemented. Please add it so bow PvP (especially archer in duels) can become easier. Other Bedrock servers also have this
  23. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks RPG game

    Hello Cubecrafters, I love the spring rpg game. So my suggestion is the following: Add a longer permanent RPG I would play it very often, and other (featured) servers don’t have an RPG mode
  24. Cyanlloyd

    Implemented Custom shop in Eggwars - repost

    So something I have been thinking about is adding a custom shop to eggwars. I think that it would be cool to be able to customize the shop and be able to have a quick buy menu where you can have the essentials of what you normally get. if this gets added you should be able to customize it...
  25. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Make anvils usable

    Why are anvils still not usable? They have, since the addition, never been If you don’t add support, please remove them from maps.
  26. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add the strength potion to the emerald shop

    On Java. There is a strength potion in the emerald shop. This potion is absent in Bedrock for some reason. So I hope they will port it over for more parity
  27. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Planks for eggwars

    I would love to see planks (and axes) return. I used them pretty much and was kinda disappointed to see that they were removed. They should make it that axes have efficiency instead of sharpness, however
  28. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add bottle of enchanting to chests on mid (skywars)

    Easy to implement suggestion: add bottle of enchanting to skyways, currently the only way to get it is by mining ore Some maps have anvils, but ores on those map are not always present, making the anvils useless
  29. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock 8 year old party

    I have encountered some kids in a party wearing naked female skins. I will report them but post it here as well too show this weird happening.
  30. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock How about adding quick buy in Eggwars

    I think the most lacking feature in this game would be the quick buy option. I hate scrolling down the shop just to find an item. Quick buy would this make much easier and gives rushers a better time too
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