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  1. MultiMakto

    All Networks FFA suggestion: Combat logging

    Hello CubeCrafters! I'd like to suggest adding a proper punishment for combat logging in Free-For-All PvP: If a player logs off during combat, then the person fighting them should get kill credit. Recently I've faced a few foes in FFA where my enemy logs off or does /hub just as I'm about to...
  2. MultiMakto

    Epic swag Intro

    Congratulations [your name], you are the [visitor number+1]th person to visit this thread! My name's Sam, I joined the forums yesterday but I've played on CubeCraft actively since last year's Christmas. I'm 19 and I come from Eastern Finland. Besides Minecraft my time's consumed by slacking...
  3. MultiMakto

    Competetive Parkour Prison Map

    Hello CubeCrafters! I've recently fallen in love with the new competitive parkour gamemode. The new maps are fun (and it's fun to bm someone by standing at the finish line until they arrive lol), and sometimes I've even managed to give some advice to players on jumping about. There's a problem...
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