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  1. Syaanide

    Magic & Mayhem Snow Golem

    For the quest "The grand archives" you are required to kill a snow golem and get the key. I went to kill the snow golem, but immediately got knocked of the island by a frostoise. When I went back there was no more golem, so I dont know what I can do to get the key.
  2. Syaanide

    Are Onix Client Hitboxes allowed?

    I noticed that in the not allowed mods in the cubecraft rules ambient's player hitbox display is not allowed. I also noticed that Onix Client is allowed. Onix Client has hitboxes in the client, and I was wondering if we are allowed to use the onix hitboxes.
  3. Syaanide

    Is lowering debounce time allowed?

    Hello, I was wondering if you are allowed to use the software of mice such as the Model O to lower the mouse debounce time. On the CubeCraft rules page, it simply says no software modifications. Does this mean that we can use the software, or does it mean we cannot?
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