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  1. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add more voting options on EggWars

    I think this could work better as a modifier in the (hopefully) upcoming private games.
  2. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Knockbackstick

    Please no, I don’t want this game to become a mindless spam game. Even if they they add it that price is way too too cheap. additionly there is a punch bow already Lastly, use the suggestion sub-forum for suggestions next time.
  3. Cyanlloyd

    Java Bedrock Game duels 2 v 2 mode (upcoming game)

    Dear Cubecraft staff and players, For the upcoming game mode game duels (You can read about it here), there should be a 2 v 2 mode. I don’t know if this is planned already, but I think it would be nice to a have. Normal duels already has this, so I don’t know why game duels should be left in...
  4. Cyanlloyd

    Resolved Why is enchanting/anvil disabled? (Bedrock)

    Dear Cubecraft team, Can I know the reason(s) why enchanting/anvil is disabled in games like Skywars? I made a bug report back in 2020 and no updates since, so I‘m pretty sure it is intentional. The recent Skywars update brought exp, but you can’t do anything with it since you can’t enchant or...
  5. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add time vote option to other ranks please + vote for night option

    The new skywars rank has a time voting option, which I like. However other game ranks didn‘t have this feature added. So my suggestion is to add it to other games like eggwars, SG etc. also consider a night voting option so we have three options. I hope you agree with this suggestion and if...
  6. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Remove standard golden swords in skywars.

    Hi there cubecraft. Currently, in a skywars game, you can get golden swords in your starter chests (normal mode). They are bad because 1: they break very fast and 2: their damage is really low. You always also get an axe and that axe is often better than the sword, making the sword completely...
  7. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Option to disable custom kill messages (repost)

    @Camgames1256 Could you please explain why you reacted with unsure :unsure: as well?
  8. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Option to disable custom kill messages (repost)

    @jupa2222 could you please explain why you reacted with Unsure:unsure: ?
  9. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Option to disable custom kill messages (repost)

    Dear Cubecraft community, This idea is basically a repost of this suggestion, which unfortunately didn’t get enough traction to reach the forwarded mark. That’s why I am reposting this suggestion. Currently whenever you reach a certain rank (Java) or buy a game-specific rank (Bedrock) you get...
  10. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks If you successfully hit someone with a bow, a message should be shown in the chat

    Hello Cubecrafters, I have a small but very useful idea for a quality of life feature regarding bows: If you hit a player with a bow, a message should be shown in chat. Maybe something like: player has x hearts remaining. It Is one of those features where you think: why isn’t this already...
  11. Cyanlloyd

    Diamond generator broken!

    Maybe you should consider making a bug report. You can do that here.
  12. Cyanlloyd

    Trident for eggwars

    Not possible due to the game version being 1.12.2 (sorry)
  13. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Add Survival Games teams of 4

    Im not sure if the SG playerbase is large enough…
  14. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Make ladders be able to be purchased in bulk (eggwars normal mode)

    Title says it all. Currently in normal mode you can only buy ladders separately instead of bulk. Please make it either: Change it to be like overpowered mode, so it is purchased in bulk (just a little more expensive) Add a separate purchase in bulk option, alongside a single purchase. With...
  15. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Please revert the diamond generator capacities back to old.

    The new eggwars update buffed the diamond gens’ capacities. For example: Level 2 now can store 8 diamonds instead of 5 Level 3 now can store 16 diamonds instead of 10 Due to this change, campers have a much easier time and each time I play, there is one person in OP with full dia armor in 2-3...
  16. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Ender pearls in Normal Mode

    Aren’t they in the equipment refill already? I‘m pretty sure I have encountered them a few times.
  17. Cyanlloyd

    Resolved (Bedrock) Is there a reason that the berserker kit is objectively worse than the other kits (FFA)

    All the other kits in FFA have some kind of specification for the player. But this kit is just a worse version of the archer kit. My guess is that it was ported straight from Java edition where the axe deals more damage. But on Bedrock this kit is practically useless. Do you know why this is?
  18. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks A suggestion regarding custom kill messages…

    Bump 1: With a little more support we can it this to the game!
  19. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks A suggestion regarding custom kill messages…

    And maybe also a way to turn off the blue kill messages in Battle arena, because it follows the same basic logic (can’t be toggled on and off right now)
  20. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks A suggestion regarding custom kill messages…

    I know rite… ”… this is Sparta!..” That meme is from 2007!
  21. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks A suggestion regarding custom kill messages…

    Hey all, I hope your doing all great. This is my first suggestion since a very long time. I have purchased the eggwars rank. I enjoy the perks that you get, but something particular bugs me: Those custom kill messages cannot be disabled. I think it’s kinda dumb to have those forced on the...
  22. Cyanlloyd

    Planned FFA regeneration system

    This is better than getting hearts if you kill someone, ‘cause cleaners don’t get additional benefits if they steal a kill
  23. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Ambiguity in one of the questions in MinerWare mingame Answer Question

    Maybe change the line too something like: How many types of mushrooms do exist in Minecraft? (not counting fungi!)
  24. Cyanlloyd

    🔮 Magic & Mayhem - A Magical RPG Adventure!

    Is this a permanent game or a summer game only?
  25. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Sneak 10 times

    I’m on mobile (touch device), and I can definitely do that
  26. Cyanlloyd

    Bedrock Make diamond pickaxes cost more gold in Eggwars Basic.

    Also the diamond pickaxe has much more durability, even when using it as a weapon.
  27. Cyanlloyd

    All Networks Reset Ban

    So if you kill a child, you just pay a amount of money to completely erase your history of punishable behavior? I don’t think the rule of crime should work like this.
  28. Cyanlloyd


    There is a leaderboard, but is hidden in profile. Profile > game statistics > game > game variant (if any) > view leaderboard of x
  29. Cyanlloyd

    Implemented Re-enable support for pre 1.16.201

    This is largest flame war on this site I have ever seen. I always have ~60 FPS but for people with worse devices and specs (and the competitive communit) I think it’s better to enable support for older versions again. You have my vote!
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