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  1. Riscakes

    Video TOTAL DOMINATION | Minecraft BlockWars #5

  2. Riscakes

    Video HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN | Minecraft Eggwars #14

  3. Riscakes

    Video EGG CONQUEROR | Minecraft Eggwars #13

  4. Riscakes

    Video LONGEST MATCH EVER | Minecraft Eggwars #12

  5. Riscakes

    Video THE FIGHT FOR MID CONTROL | Minecraft Eggwars #11

  6. Riscakes

    Video DEAD MAN'S CHEST | Minecraft BlockWars #4

  7. Riscakes

    Video COLOSSEUM RAMPAGE | Minecraft Eggwars #10

  8. Riscakes

    Video PRETTY RELAXING MATCH | Minecraft Eggwars #9

  9. Riscakes

    Video THE FINAL TIE BREAKER | Minecraft BlockWars #3

  10. Riscakes

    Video THE BATTLE OF THE CAKE | Minecraft Eggwars #8

  11. Riscakes

    Video DEATH FROM ABOVE | Minecraft Eggwars #7

  12. Riscakes

    Video BREAKING THEIR DEFENSES | Minecraft BlockWars #2

  13. Riscakes

    Bedrock Block Lag?

    Ever since July of this year, there's been something going on when I bridge. This affects Eggwars and Bridges but I fear that it probably affects other gamemodes for me too. When I try to make a flat or staircase bridge, the block places in me and then makes the block I placed on the side...
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