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  1. dante3808

    Transferring Money (Coins) On Bedrock Sky-block To Co-Op members

    Okay Hear Me Out Here, So Playing On My Co-Op World I Died and Went Down to 68 Coins, After Telling My Friends They Laughed And Said "Maybe I Could Send You a Coin" Which Being The Childish Person That I Am Caused Me To Laugh. So I Was Wondering If It Is Already Possible to Send Other Players...
  2. dante3808

    Slowly becoming the richest in SkyBlock

    So recently (few months back) me and my friends start a co-op Skyblock (bedrock) and I decide to become the richest co-op, and during my research I found out that we'd need to make over 2 813 500 000 to enter the top ten, so what I'm asking is if anyone has any advice for us on our quest.
  3. dante3808

    Trying To become the richest Bedrock Co-op

    Trying To become the richest Bedrock Co-op
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