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    Bedrock Add join server or spectate option in friends menu

    Hi Cubecraft, Pls add join server or spectate option in friends menu.It means when i click on my friends list i want a option of join server or spectate atleast pls.Hive has this option too.Pls add this option.
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    Bedrock Mineware's New Gamemode Concepts/Suggestions by me

    My no 1 suggestion:Add some competitive parkour no 2:Add bridge,whoever bridges to the island the fastest gets a point in the game no 3:Shoot the ghast,shoot the ghast to get a point
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    Bad anticheat and sentinel

    Hey,my ign is RockBaton268754 and im unbanned literally today and again fricking got banned for the sentinel i didnt even hack why?? pls unban me now
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    Bedrock ASIA REGION

    Hey Cubecraft Team.Pls add a asia region in cubecraft coz 30 percent of the players in cubecraft are asians.So many players are requesting that so pls add asia region like u added na region.Take ur time but pls add asia region A cubecraft fan, RockBato268754 aka mAhi#8687
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