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  1. xclutchingg

    Forwarded Bedrock The Critical Hit System

    it was once a bug back around when new kb came out, you could walk into your opponents and still get a crit.
  2. xclutchingg

    Forwarded Bedrock The Critical Hit System

    couldnt agree more +1
  3. xclutchingg

    Bedrock /fly for max vip levels in the upcoming vip levels update.

    yes, but none of those active threads have been forwarded or marked as “planned”
  4. xclutchingg

    Bedrock /fly for max vip levels in the upcoming vip levels update.

    since java has this for emerald rank why not have it for bedrock, when someone has the max vip level, since vip levels are going to get updated in the near future, i think /fly should exist for the highest level in that update. i understand staff wont be able to tell between hackers and high vip...
  5. xclutchingg

    Planned Spectating

    thank you byotec, very cool
  6. xclutchingg

    Planned Spectating

  7. xclutchingg

    Planned Spectating

    This has been suggested before but id really like it to see it on cubecraft, basically this topic is about being able to spectate your friends in your friends list. Sometimes i get bored and i would just sit in lobby, but if i had to ablility to spectate my friends i would do that, this would...
  8. xclutchingg

    Planned New Duel Gamemodes

    this topic is about duels, i think they should add more duels that would be fun to grind, im suggesting they should add the duels: Sumo, NoDebuff, And Boxing. i think this would be fun to play with or against your friends, the duels gamemodes right now are good, but i think they should add more...
  9. xclutchingg

    🎉🌏 CubeCraft available in Asia!

    not in asia but this is amazing for those players. nice work!
  10. xclutchingg

    hello pineappleman408

    hello pineappleman408
  11. xclutchingg

    thank you! <3

    thank you! <3
  12. xclutchingg

    Bedrock Eggwars Challenges

    for bedrock this doesnt exist, thats why i put a bedrock prefix.
  13. xclutchingg

    Bedrock Eggwars Challenges

    so i have a suggestion, adding challenges to eggwars, kinda what hypixel has right now but obviously make the challenges a bit different. i think this would make eggwars a bit more fun as people will have challenges to complete, this will hopefully motivate people to play more please vote if...
  14. xclutchingg

    🛡️ Bedrock: Knockback Test!

    i like this change! please add this!
  15. xclutchingg

    Video Level 200 - Cubecraft Montage

    Lvl 200 is a crazy milestone, nice job!
  16. xclutchingg

    Introducing Passport!

    nice job!
  17. xclutchingg

    Artwork a something i worked on

  18. xclutchingg

    Video Cubecraft skywars #2 - killing a hacker

    Loved the song choice! subbed.
  19. xclutchingg

    Video Duels video I made a week ago.

    Thought the video was good. subbed btw
  20. xclutchingg

    Coding Behind the Cube #2 - Sentinel

    Good job with sentinel, I’ve been coming across less and less hackers lately. It’s also cool how it works.
  21. xclutchingg

    Video Skywars Montage

    Nice montage!
  22. xclutchingg


    nice, we really destroyed it!
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