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  1. williamSG

    Why is BlockWars dead?

    Hello, So I have recently discovered this game mode in CubeCraft named BlockWars, I didn't know about it and I happened to find it by coincidence. The games there seems to be very good, and yet there were only 4 players in the lobby when I first entered yesterday evening. Can someone explain me...
  2. williamSG

    Java SKY BLOCK

    INTRODUCTION As a lot of people have demanded this for a long time, and as it's a classic Minecraft game, which is loved by big quantities of players all over Minecraft, I came up with this idea of adding a SkyBlock (or SkyBlock related) game in the server. SUGGESTION I know that CubeCraft...
  3. williamSG

    Java Survival Games Update

    Survival games is one of the most enjoyable game modes in all the server, yet it's still very abandoned since some time now. I personally believe it's such a pity that it's being left behind and this is why I suggest a new update, that would be awesome, I left you a poll in the upper part of...
  4. williamSG

    Java Hunger Games to 1.8

    Hello, I hope you’re all doing amazing! As the title is very clear I won’t extend myself too much while explaining the suggestion. I think that Hunger Games is a game mode for PvP’ers, it’s pretty obvious. We all know that 1.8 is the best version of PvP in Minecraft, so why don’t add the...
  5. williamSG

    Java Giant SkyWars

    Hello there! So I came up with this idea the other day, which mainly consists in having an Event or Game in the server that would be a giant SkyWars map with 2-4 teams (or single), matches would be longer but I do thing it's a good idea though. Think of how many people enjoy the 'Trees' map in...
  6. williamSG

    Java Friday Tournaments

    Hello to everyone, hope you're doing amazing! So I thought of this amazing idea that consists in adding tournaments every Friday (or another day) on SkyWars, Hunger Games, PvP 1vs1. I think it would be amazing, whether or not the winner had a reward, I just think that it would complete amaze...
  7. williamSG

    Java UHC Improvements

    I do think that less played game on the server is UHC. I have heard from many people (although I haven't experienced it) that there's a bug that frequently crashes the match while playing. Very few people wants to play the game, I would suggest to implement new things and influence the community...
  8. williamSG

    Assassin's Game

    Hello! Yesterday I tried out the PvP 1vs1 and FFA modes on the server and they actually surprised me: good maps, good playability and fully enjoyable, very useful to get better at PvP. I was wondering about the other mode available: Assassin's. In the past I tried out this mode, I think I just...
  9. williamSG

    Looking for someone to play with

    Hey! As much of my friends left Minecraft a while ago, I guessed I could post a thread where I would expose my Minecraft Username so anybody that wanted to play with me could add me on the server. Username: williamSG See you!
  10. williamSG

    Java Reward compensation to the TOP players

    Introduction of myself I have been playing CubeCraft for years (even though I had some time where I didn't played the game for personal reasons), moreover I started playing the server when it first went out, where the lobby was very small and the only game mode available was SkyWars (if I...
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