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  1. obvwxlf

    I still can't believe I hit that...

    Wait until the end
  2. obvwxlf

    Cool Easter Egg on Mayan FFA Map

  3. obvwxlf

    My Introduction

    Hey! This is long overdue, but here is my introduction. I have seen all of your introductions, so I was inspired to create my own! My name is Daniel, but you can call me Dan. My in game name is OBV Wxlf on bedrock, and OBV_Wxlf on Java. I am a longtime Minecraft player. I have been playing the...
  4. obvwxlf


    What is your favorite FFA map? What makes it your favorite?
  5. obvwxlf

    Bedrock Main Kit

    I use Tank.
  6. obvwxlf

    Bedrock Overpowered Mode

    Do you think they will change the Diamond Armor to Netherite?
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