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  1. obvwxlf

    Video 1000 iq

    Absolutely! Perfectly done. :D Happy Holidays
  2. obvwxlf

    Video Most impossible cubecraft challenges...

    Hey! Thanks for the feature :D
  3. obvwxlf

    Sky block free?

    What do you mean by "One Skyblock"? Could you elaborate?
  4. obvwxlf

    Video Rank Giveaway!

    Spreading Christmas Cheer I see!
  5. obvwxlf


    Did you make a report for this?
  6. obvwxlf

    Thanks :D

    Thanks :D
  7. obvwxlf

    Snowman Survival

    So many people enjoyed it, so I wouldn't be surprised if they bring it back
  8. obvwxlf

    Video Cubecraft vid

    I remember when I hit this! You will definitely reach the 1000 milestone soon ;)
  9. obvwxlf

    Video Destroying A Village In Minecraft

    *minecraft music intesifies*
  10. obvwxlf

    Try to figure where I am?!?

    You are at the very top of the castle in the Battle Arena lobby.
  11. obvwxlf

    I still can't believe I hit that...

    Thank you! That is a resource pack. It is called Slinky's Sounds. :)
  12. obvwxlf

    I still can't believe I hit that...

  13. obvwxlf

    I still can't believe I hit that...

  14. obvwxlf

    I still can't believe I hit that...

    Wait until the end
  15. obvwxlf

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock FFA Part 2!

    Nice! Loving it!
  16. obvwxlf

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock FFA!

  17. obvwxlf

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock FFA!

    For sure!
  18. obvwxlf

    Video Cubecraft Bedrock FFA!

    Good video! Keep it up :)
  19. obvwxlf

    Bedrock How Skywars ruined my day...

    I love Technoblade. You are a man of good taste.
  20. obvwxlf

    Bedrock How Skywars ruined my day...

    Good video! I like the challenge idea!
  21. obvwxlf

    Cool Easter Egg on Mayan FFA Map

  22. obvwxlf

    Java Dumbest skywars challenges

    Mission Impossible: No weapons or golden apples.
  23. obvwxlf

    Issue With Skyblock

    Heya! I believe the servers are currently down for maintenance, as this is affecting multiple users. Remain patient, they will be back up soon enough. :)
  24. obvwxlf

    Builds EggWars Squads(Harbor)

    Looks great so far!
  25. obvwxlf

    Duels most broken kit

    Jeez. Make sure not to use this to gain an advantage
  26. obvwxlf

    My Introduction

  27. obvwxlf

    My Introduction

    Nice!! I am getting a SAI hoodie for Christmas :)
  28. obvwxlf

    My Introduction

    Fettucine for sure :)
  29. obvwxlf

    My Introduction

    Sweet! Which album is the merch based on?
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