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  1. jakeaccount2860

    All Networks Eggwars NEW item 🥚

    Hello! My suggestions is that the egg as an item should be available in the shop (for both Bedrock and Java) I don’t play on Java so I’m not sure if they already have this item however, an egg would be a smart item to add in a game of “Eggwars”. It could also be another way of getting players...
  2. jakeaccount2860

    Video What videos would you like to see?

    Hello! I’ve started a TikTok account (@Jakeyboi333) however I’m not sure what the people want to see so any video/clip ideas would really help me out! I appreciate all suggestions 💚😁
  3. jakeaccount2860

    All Networks Change Shop Size

    Hello on the New Update I think there should be a way either in settings where you can change the size (hight, width and length) of the information in the shop, as in my opinion it’s to wide, covers to much of the screen and slow as it takes longer to scroll threw the shop to buy items
  4. jakeaccount2860

    Java Bedrock Skyblock

    Hellooo, just a random suggestion I think that a double drop for all crops should be added such as when you break carrots there’s a chance for it to also drop a golden carrot I think that this should happen for all the crops.... For example if you break 100 wheat, 1 bread would also drop (This...
  5. jakeaccount2860

    All Networks Skyblock XP

    Hey all! I was thinking, Cubecraft should add a way of gaining XP from Skyblock, when the player completes a quest they should get 5+ Experience as a form of bonus reward (as some quests don’t give a reward nor another follow up quest to do) so my question is.... Do you think Cubecraft should...
  6. jakeaccount2860

    Theory of Gravity

    I’m either extremely unlucky or the drop rate for apples is crazy... I’ve chopped down around 18 stacks (1,152 oak wood) which is around 230 trees basing it of that every tree gives 5 blocks of wood, yet I only got 5 apples 😂. That roughly means that for 1 Apple you must chop down 45-50 trees...
  7. jakeaccount2860

    Bedrock Skyblock Suggestions

    Hey! I would just like some opinions if you agree or not and why :D so, For Skyblock it would be great to have a way of seeing competition of others such as the amount of coins they have and the way (the player) would be able to see this is by either having a leaderboard in the Skyblock Hub or...
  8. jakeaccount2860

    Denied Add back punching sound effects

    I think the removal of the sound effects was a bad idea not only is it now harder to physically hear people when hacking such as auto clicker but it’s also less satisfying :/ so in my opinion I think it should be added back, please consider it thanks 😊
  9. jakeaccount2860

    Video Tiktok Account

    Please go and follow my tiktok account, greatly appreciated.😆👍(Please tell me your feedback of what you think I should post or change something in which I’m doing) https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRNMTxdU/
  10. jakeaccount2860

    All Networks NameTags

    I think that all players should have a white or a more visible colour name tags
  11. jakeaccount2860

    All Networks Spectators

    Allow spectators to go threw blocks again
  12. jakeaccount2860

    Discord Channel Films/Movies

    Add a channel on discord in which the public can talk about what films/movies to watch or just overall discuss about them brings the community together and helps me giving me great things to watch 😊
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