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  1. xclutchingg

    Bedrock /fly for max vip levels in the upcoming vip levels update.

    since java has this for emerald rank why not have it for bedrock, when someone has the max vip level, since vip levels are going to get updated in the near future, i think /fly should exist for the highest level in that update. i understand staff wont be able to tell between hackers and high vip...
  2. xclutchingg

    Planned Spectating

    This has been suggested before but id really like it to see it on cubecraft, basically this topic is about being able to spectate your friends in your friends list. Sometimes i get bored and i would just sit in lobby, but if i had to ablility to spectate my friends i would do that, this would...
  3. xclutchingg

    Planned New Duel Gamemodes

    this topic is about duels, i think they should add more duels that would be fun to grind, im suggesting they should add the duels: Sumo, NoDebuff, And Boxing. i think this would be fun to play with or against your friends, the duels gamemodes right now are good, but i think they should add more...
  4. xclutchingg

    Bedrock Eggwars Challenges

    so i have a suggestion, adding challenges to eggwars, kinda what hypixel has right now but obviously make the challenges a bit different. i think this would make eggwars a bit more fun as people will have challenges to complete, this will hopefully motivate people to play more please vote if...
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