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  1. ShahsMC

    Duels Race to the Leader Boards!

    I have always loved playing 1v1 pvp duels and I finally reached the leader boards! And all thanks to cubecraft!
  2. ShahsMC

    Recent server lags.

    I got on Duels PvP today and I don't think I have ever lagged this much ever since I started playing cubecraft. My ping is always usually at the 30ms and my PC is up to date so I'm guessing it's the server that's been very laggy. Does anyone know why or when this is gonna get fixed? Is it the...
  3. ShahsMC

    Java A bug in Duels PvP stats.

    Why are my wins and kills different in duels PvP? If I get one kill doesn't that mean I get one win?
  4. ShahsMC

    Duels PvP: broken UHC kit

    I love playing the UHC kit but dont bother eating the cooked beef to regenerate your health because its broken. I'm not sure if its a UHC thing or if its a bug but if it is a bug it should get fixed. Let me know if I'm missing something XD.
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