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  1. KnightOftheKing

    Java quiero cubecraft viejo

    the loot is fine as it is now
  2. KnightOftheKing

    Discord Bring the community games back

    I agree they should be added back, it will be much more fun if they're back
  3. KnightOftheKing

    Bedrock Snowman Survival

    Unkown but I think it will be somewhere next week, stay hyped for it.
  4. KnightOftheKing

    Planned A way to remove Party- and Team chat information messages

    I mean this doesn't affect me at all but I can somewhere find the irritation of this, that's why I think an option to disable party info message or and party chat should be made. What I hope to see is basically a menu with all the settings for things related to a party. Option 1: Also I am...
  5. KnightOftheKing

    Bedrock Snowman Survival

    Maybe it will come with the upcomming winter update
  6. KnightOftheKing

    Favorite game-mode

    Lucky block island, mostly solo sometimes teams when i want to combat multiple people at once.
  7. KnightOftheKing

    All Networks Suggestion about the new Auto Play Again feature

    An almost similar thing was proposed recently If I am right and nothing happened with the vote. 1 Maps aren't always open sometimes there're different maps open and maybe that's not one of your favourite maps and then what? Then you can't play and maybe you gotta wait like 3 minutes for one of...
  8. KnightOftheKing

    I turned my cobble to obi lol

    should i even question it
  9. KnightOftheKing

    Web Add all the missing emojis from discord in fourms

    Like dutch said, these are screenshots I took an added not forum emotes.
  10. KnightOftheKing

    Web Add all the missing emojis from discord in fourms

    Never change your opinion just because of what others think
  11. KnightOftheKing

    i hate error code 0

    i hate error code 0
  12. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    If you have a lot of lag that means the chat is delayed just like the NPC, so that will not solve anything
  13. KnightOftheKing

    Web Add all the missing emojis from discord in fourms

    Okay dude listen, we got WAY to many emojis for that + the current emojis on the forums are enough to expressionate your thoughts over the thread which is also the reason they're there.
  14. KnightOftheKing

    Bedrock Server Regions in Duels

    I mean through the NPC, if this suggestion is only for the private duelling the it's a no for me because it's too small.
  15. KnightOftheKing

    Bedrock Server Regions in Duels

    And what in a random game of duels? Like no party just against a random player?
  16. KnightOftheKing

    Ping is really high

    If I am right it's located in Tokyo, so that means his internet has to go from India to tokyo from there all to the way to europe or america. So that indeed gives a really high Ms.
  17. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    I agree with this, it's useless for java, why would devs script an entire command system for players if you can just walk to a NPC in 2.5 seconds. I barely experience lag on cube, only maybe at the hot points. But if the NPC doesn't work while it's lagging nor does the commands, a chat delay...
  18. KnightOftheKing

    Discord CubeCraft Statistics Bot

    Well just scripting a whole bot for that is waisted time. That will be a no for me then.
  19. KnightOftheKing

    Bedrock Game idea: Lunch Wars!

    well I do not experience any of that
  20. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    Java and bedrock don't have everything the same so that's... interesting. The second thing is that I say it's not needed for java it can be added but also getting it onto java is just a waist, once again because everything is in 1 lobby at 3/4 seconds walk distance. Hearing why it would be...
  21. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    For bedrock I understand it and it should be a thing but not for java. Also I assume you really point at bedrock edition with this idea?
  22. KnightOftheKing

    Discord CubeCraft Statistics Bot

    What sort of status? Level, rank, exp, achievements?
  23. KnightOftheKing

    All Networks Update Lobby

    It will be changed when cubecraft announces it. There's no need to make a thread for it to say it should be updated.
  24. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    I see it now, they had earlier but they removed it later. That's what confused me.
  25. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    If I am right they did
  26. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    I thought you mean this system wasn't a thing for hypixel bedrock. And over the last thing opinions difference.
  27. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    Because hypixel is focused mostly on the java edition and not on bedrock because most of their players are java. At cubecraft it's different and 1/3 of their players is bedrock.
  28. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Quick Game Queue

    Like you said this is mostly used on hypixel. Cubecraft isn't like hypixel in a lot of ways including the amount of games cube has to offer. Because hypixel has like 40 games or something all in different lobbies it's a hell sometimes to navigate through, here on cubecraft we just got a few...
  29. KnightOftheKing

    All Networks New Game idea: Chess!

    I agree on that first part like i said before "Sounds interesting but (no hate towards anyone) a lot of people only know the basics of chess which means that if you're already a bit good at it and you're above the basics you can beat 90% of your opponents." that's basically what you said. And...
  30. KnightOftheKing

    Denied Play Again Suggestion

    Well I prefer that idea over this one.
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