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  1. natalia<3

    Java Labymod Reports

    Currently labymod users arent able to report a person, which is pretty much unfair, imagine getting death threats and not being able to report them because you are on the wrong client, Im aware that this is because of the tag feature but whenever you edit it, a 🖊 comes to the left of the name...
  2. natalia<3

    Java Party chat

    Since my other suggestion got massively rejected i think that maybe this one will sound better, part chat should only be censored with swearing, or slurs etc.. but please not with normal words such as game names and more, because I don’t think that its inappropriate or anything and it pretty...
  3. natalia<3

    Java Censored words in partys

    I think that censoring words in party’s shouldn’t be a thing, since if you invite one of your friends to a party yall should communicate in whatever way you feel, and if some words get censored I can’t talk about some topics and the other day even some words such as game names were also...
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