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  1. Buckyy

    Java The current speed potion is ruining the scout kit

    Speed potion without splash The current scout kit has been modified and is completely ruining the kit. The dynamic that the kit used to have, has been removed and has taken away all the usefulness of the kit, if you are being hit you can't take the potion because by the time you finish taking...
  2. Buckyy

    Planned MinerWare (NEW MICROGAME)

    Hi, I would like to suggest a new microgame for Minerware. It is based on a game mode that was formerly made in a tv program called WipeOut. The mode consists of a long wall in which you have to pass by overcoming obstacles that punches you into the water. It doesn't necessarily have to be...
  3. Buckyy

    Implemented Christmas Competitions

    Hi, If I have not seen it wrong, 2018 was the last year in which Christmas competitions were held, that's why the reason for this suggestion. Christmas is a unique time of the year and I think this year could be a good time to add these competitions. It is something that most people like and...
  4. Buckyy

    Denied Voting System

    Hi, on February 1, 2021 cube introduced the voting system that is currently in the network. Currently, when you have finished completing the 121 days in a row, you will no longer get any reward, just a votelet that can give you certain things. Before starting with the suggestion, I want to...
  5. Buckyy

    Denied Friend List [GUI]

    Hi, On December 26, 2020 Cube introduced Player Profiles which is a GUI after right-clicking on a player. A GUI is obviously more comfortable than using a text mode in the chat. Many people find it more uncomfortable to do /stats <name> than right-click and see their stats in case they are in...
  6. Buckyy

    Denied Pin a post

    Hii ‼️ The other day I wanted to pin a post on my profile, but I realized that there is no option in the forums to do so. Maybe in the past this option did exist but cubecraft removed it, I have no idea so therefore, I have decided to make this suggestion. Usually in forums and some social...
  7. Buckyy

    Denied Old Maps [Revamp]

    Hey! I would like to propose this suggestion for the server. As you all know cubecraft has been open for a long time, and during that time many maps have been created and eliminated in turn. In 2019 there was a nostalgic event in which you could play those maps for a limited time but it has...
  8. Buckyy

    Web Suggestions in your profile

    Hi, I would like the cube to put a section within the profile of each person called suggestions and within that section would appear the suggestions that that person has created since for example if I want to to see the suggestions that person has suggested, I cannot see them as such because I...
  9. Buckyy

    Video END | TSW - SW

  10. Buckyy

    Web Frame Designs

    Hi, I will propose a design on the website of this forum. I must to say that I am not a designer or anything like that, I just made a sketch so the suggestion had an image to interpret from. The layout will be based on the server ranks, but this will simply be a frame, not an assigned rank...
  11. Buckyy

    Java Party System

    Hi, today I want to bring a suggestion that I have been experiencing since I have been playing Team Skywars/Team Eggwars in cube. I will try to explain it briefly, if you are in a party with 4 people and people are playing on maps of 2/3 , It is continually annoying that when you click in join...
  12. Buckyy

    Java General Suggestions for update 1.12

    Hi, today I will be bringing suggestions of things that I would like to be implemented on the server in the update from June 15th, please if you like any I would appreciate it if you give :agree: in case you like the suggestions that I will contribute. In case you do not like some of them or...
  13. Buckyy

    Forwarded Zombies | New gamemode [1.12]

    Camezonda responded to this post with a hint referring to the new game mode that has come to cube, Magic & Mayhem, so I take it as something! Hi I wanted to suggest a new game mode since I have only seen it once and in my opinion it can be improved. Obviously it would be for version 1.12 since...
  14. Buckyy

    Video TeamSkywars Highlight 1.8

    I recommend to see it in 1080p60 Enjoy!
  15. Buckyy

    Video #12 SkyWars Highlights - Bucky

    thanks for watching
  16. Buckyy

    Video #11 SkyWars Highlights - Bucky [1080-60fps]

    I hope you like it
  17. Buckyy

    Video #9 SkyWars Highlights - Bucky

    The music is too loud due to an editing error Thanks for watch.
  18. Buckyy

    Video #8 SkyWars Highlights - Bucky

    play 1080p60fps!
  19. Buckyy

    Video #7 SkyWars Highlights - Bucky

  20. Buckyy

    Video #6 Team Skywars Highlights - Bucky

    Enjoy, do 1080p 60fps :)
  21. Buckyy

    Video #4 Team Skywars Highlights - Bucky

    play a 1080 60fps for better quality :)
  22. Buckyy

    Video #3 Team Skywars Highlights - Bucky

    Welcome to my 3rd highlights, enjoy :)
  23. Buckyy

    Video #2 Team Skywars Highlights - Bucky

    ty for watch
  24. Buckyy

    Video Team Skywars Highlights - Bucky

    A small montage of my kills hope you enjoy thanks for watch :)
  25. Buckyy


    Good, I just wanted to check, if damage indicators can be used or not, there are people who told me that they can and others who can't
  26. Buckyy

    #2 Xdio_gamesX - ANTIKB-KILLAURA (HACKS)

    Name: Xdio_gamesX Hacks: AntiKB - KillAura - Bhop Mode: FFA 1.8 Tests: Sorry if this is not the right section to report, it is the first time in 4 years that I have been playing cube that I report in this forum
  27. Buckyy


    Name: KIXT Hacks: Reach (GC Probable) Mode: FFA 1.8 Tests: Sorry if this is not the right section to report, it is the first time in 4 years that I have been playing cube that I report in this forum
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