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  1. SoloWarz3405

    Web Add followers & ppl following no. *in a direct way* in the about section

    Hey, CubeCrafters! A small suggestion time! Everyone knows that when clicking on any user's about section, it displays his followers and the ppl he's following, but it does not give us the number of followers/ppl following in a direct way, so I suggest you add the number beside...
  2. SoloWarz3405

    All Networks A nice QOL feature for items voting

    Hey, CubeCrafters! It would be cool if you add a “Remove your vote” option to EggWars, skywars, etc. Many players may accidentally vote to difficulties unintentionally and they don’t have the option to retract their vote. Lemme know if you need this nice small QOL feature...
  3. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock [REPOST] Suggestion regarding /f list command

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/suggestion-regarding-f-list-cmd.306091/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I have a small suggestion about the /f list command in chat. When you type /f list and one of your friends is playing EggWars teams (Duos/ quads/ mega) -for...
  4. SoloWarz3405

    Forwarded All Networks Add the ability to delete/reset skyblock profiles

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Currently, you can't reset or delete your skyblock profiles, so I suggest to add this ability to CubeCraft skyblock! Feedback -Please react with agree if you agree! -If you react with disagree or unsure, please lemme know why in your reply! All love to staff, members, and...
  5. SoloWarz3405

    Resolved Quartz Generator in SkyBlock

    Hiya! Could u please tell me when will I unlock the Quartz generator in the "buy items" category in the sb shop? I believe it would be unlocked after completing a quest, but idrk what quest it is! :D
  6. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Commands shortcuts on CubeCraft SkyBlock

    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've got a pretty simple suggestion. In the latest QOL update, CubeCraft added new commands shortcuts for SkyBlock, like /sb overworld, and /sb nether. /sb overworld command has a shortcut: /sb ow, which makes it easier to write in chat instead of typing "/sb overworld", but...
  7. SoloWarz3405

    Video EggWars, but the sword is NOT allowed!

    Hey, CubeCrafters! I’ve recently uploaded a video on my YT channel. It’s about EggWars, but armor is banned! I hope you enjoy watching the vid!
  8. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Suggestion regarding /f list cmd

    Hey, CubeCrafters! ~This will be my last suggestion for a while... I have a small suggestion about the /f list command in chat. When you type /f list and one of your friends is playing EggWars teams (Duos/ quads/ mega) -for example-, it displays that they are playing EggWars teams instead of...
  9. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Add kill effects to Duels - Repost

    This is a repost of my old suggestion here: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/add-kill-effects-to-duels.302633/ Hey, CubeCrafters! I've recently bought the [Survival Games Rank] in order to unlock one of the coolest loot: kill effects! The kill effects are awesome and they work on every PVP...
  10. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Change the amount of VIP experience needed for each VIP LVL

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Right now, the amount of VIP experience needed for each VIP LVL is: -For VIP LVL 0: 0 VIP experience -For VIP LVL 1: 300 VIP experience (increased by 300 VIP experiences) -For VIP LVL 2: 600 VIP experience (increased by 300 VIP experiences) -For VIP LVL 3: 1000 VIP...
  11. SoloWarz3405

    Video Lanterns Hunt | CubeCraft lunar event 2022

    Hey, CubeCrafters! In this video, I'll show u the locations of all of the lanterns in the new CubeCraft lobby. Maybe I'm a little bit late, but here's the video's link :D -Don't forget to subscribe/like the vid!
  12. SoloWarz3405

    Video I Made My Custom Minecraft Skin!

    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've finally published my third video on my YouTube channel. In that video, I played EggWars with my new skin! -Here's the video's link: (Don't forget to subscribe :D)
  13. SoloWarz3405

    Resolved Delete my post

    Please delete my post in the winter creation competition "Am I allowed to draw a sleigh?" Delete just the question post, not my entry!
  14. SoloWarz3405

    Forwarded A helpful addition to the page that shows all of the trophies.

    Hey, CubeCrafters! At this time, when we open the ”all of the available trophies“ page, it shows the available trophies like this: But, there’s one problem: it doesn't show which trophies you claimed, so my suggestion is to add "claimed" beside the trophies you've been awarded, like this...
  15. SoloWarz3405

    Resolved Where's my "Secure" trophy?

    Hey there! I've enabled 2FA on my passport account for a long time, why didn't I get the "Secure" trophy yet? (My passport's account name is: its laith3405) ~SoloWarz3405
  16. SoloWarz3405

    Discord Add the ability to add reactions to messages for more ppl

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Right now, the only people who can add reactions to messages are staff, nitro boosters, and ppl with the plus rank (I don't know if the partners are able to add reactions to messages), but VIPs & ppl with ((Iron/Lapis/Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Obsidian) ranks) can't add reactions...
  17. SoloWarz3405

    Video Destroying People In CubeCraft EggWars!

    Hey, CubeCrafters! A week ago, I finally uploaded my first real video on my YouTube channel! I wasn't able to post this thread when I first uploaded my video; because I was banned from the forums at that time :(( Anyways....Enjoy the video!!
  18. SoloWarz3405

    [NOT FINISHED] Leaderboard status for all games (CubeCraft Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server Only)

    Hey, CubeCrafters! -This thread contains the leaderboard status for all games (EggWars/SkyWars/Parkour/etc.) -This will be for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition CubeCraft server only because I don't own java :D
  19. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Add "Randomize" button for EggWars generator skins

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Let's quickly dive into the suggestion: -I suggest u add a "randomize" button for EggWars generator skins so that the game would choose a random generator skin on every game of EggWars. Currently, there is no "randomize" button for generator skins, so this MUST be added...
  20. SoloWarz3405

    Open Question

    Hey CubeCraft! Is there any way to implement a cps counter for opponents on every game mode of CubeCraft? That would be super duper cool because many auto clickers and drag clickers will be exposed and punished.
  21. SoloWarz3405


    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've finally finished my first YT video!!! *The video is recorded on my iPad, not my laptop :) Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE & LIKE the video!! MY GOAL IS TO BECOME A YT!!! The video will start premiering AFTER LESS THAN 30 MINUTES!!!
  22. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Add kill effects to Duels

    Hey, CubeCrafters! I've recently bought the [Survival Games Rank] in order to unlock one of the coolest loot: kill effects! The kill effects are awesome and they work on every PVP game mode except for Duels, so, my suggestion simply is to add all types of kill effects to Duels! -Here is a...
  23. SoloWarz3405

    A staff/Partners challenge :D

    Hey, staff! I've got you a challenge: count money in the $ currency to 1000! Example: 1$ 2$ 3$ etc. -Rules: -You're not allowed to count more than a time in a row. -You're allowed to count again when another staff member counts. -Partners also can count :D -Members are not allowed to count...
  24. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Delay sending the message that tells you when your friends are online.

    Hey, CubeCrafters! Most of you know that when you log into CubeCraft, a message will be sent to your online friends telling them that you are online, therefore, they'll probably send you a party invite, but you can't actually see it (the party invite) because you will be still on the loading...
  25. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock How did you celebrate your (100th) win on EggWars?

    Hey, CubeCrafters! How did you celebrate your (100th) win on EggWars? ~I celebrated by screaming "I gOt tHE 100tH wIn oN eGgWaRs!!!". WBU? All love to staff, members, and partners. Cya!
  26. SoloWarz3405

    Bedrock Change the message that appears after getting eliminated/ winning a game

    Hey, CubeCrafters! In this suggestion, I'll talk about a small change to the statistics message that appears after getting eliminated/ winning a game, like this: The suggestion I think all of you understood what I meant by above, basically, my suggestion is to change the font of those...
  27. SoloWarz3405

    Resolved When am I able to repost my suggestion?

    I've recently posted a suggestion, link: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/%E2%80%9Cfavourite-items-in-the-eggwars-shop%E2%80%9D-suggestion.302166/ 100% of the ppl have agreed to my suggestion (23 agrees), but it is not yet forwarded because I think it must get 5 more agrees or smth like that...
  28. SoloWarz3405

    Implemented “Favourite items in the EggWars Shop” Suggestion

    Hey, CubeCrafters! The new EggWars update is, AMAZING! When it got updated, I couldn’t contain myself lol. In this suggestion, I’ll show u my idea of the Favourite items' category in the EggWars shop. In every shop category, they show u the amount of iron, diamond, gold, and emerald u have...
  29. SoloWarz3405

    Denied Add Text Colour Picker

    Hey, cubecrafters! The Minecraft 1.12 update made it possible to make worlds more colourful, by adding more colours to the game; because everyone likes colours, especially, coloured text! But, on the forums, the available colours for the texts are sooo limited, and the way to add more colours is...
  30. SoloWarz3405

    Web PFP Boarders

    Hey, Cubecrafters! It's very nice for the VIP, partners, and staff to have smth makes them stand out, so here in this suggestion, I have an idea which makes them stand out more! So, I suggest adding PFP boarders to the ranked, yt, or even staff members, it's simple and very cool. For example...
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