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  1. xAmazinq

    Forwarded Java Maps, Seasonal Events, Challenges and other Regions issues 🌸 Spring Update

    Hey, before starting I would like to say that with this post, I want CubeCraft team to make sure that all these problems are solved before announcing future updates and before sending false messages in the Discord Changelog channel. All these issues that I am going to explain are not recent...
  2. xAmazinq

    Video Lobby Easter Egg hunt 2022 - All 25/25 locations! 🌸 CubeCraft Spring Event

    I made a video showing all 25/25 hidden Easter Eggs in the lobby 2022 :cube_light: I hope it helps you! 🌸
  3. xAmazinq

    Java Forced Resource Pack in Battle Zone {Repost}

    (Repost) Hey there, When you go to the Battle Zone NPC and you click on it, it shows you a menu that forces you to install the Resource pack of the game. The problem is that you're forced to install this resource pack, you don't have any option for playing wihout any resource pack. Basically...
  4. xAmazinq

    Implemented Java Bedrock Emerald generators in EggWars (Waterfall map)

    Hey there! 🙋‍♂️ As you know, in Eggwars each generator has a informative poster about the type of the generator, level, speed... The fact is that at the middle of Waterfall map, there are two emerald generators which don't have any support blocks for the info banner. That's a problem since on...
  5. xAmazinq

    Java Forced Resource Pack in Battle Zone

    Hey there! When you go to the Battle Zone NPC and you click on it, it shows you a menu that forces you to install the Resource pack of the game. The problem is that you're forced to install this resource pack, you don't have any option for playing wihout any resource pack. Basically, if you...
  6. xAmazinq

    Discord SrMods and Mods list priority

    Hey there! 🙋‍♂️ On the 'Moderator' discord list you can see how all Moderators and Sr Moderators are ordered alphabetically regardless of whether they are Mods or SrMods. The problem As you know, Sr Moderator is a higher rank than common Moderators so it makes no sense that they are mixed...
  7. xAmazinq

    Resolved '1.9 Java' wrong tittle

    Good afternoon, as you can see here, it says '1.9 Java' when it should be '1.12 Java' since Cubecraft closed all versions prior 1.12. Here is an screenshot: Thanks!
  8. xAmazinq

    Open 2FA Trophy

    Hey, a few weeks ago I've activated my 2FA on this forum account and I still wihout the trohpy. I asked on discord staff-help about my issue and they told me to write here as a bug. Here is a picture of the trophy I'm talking about: Thank you!
  9. xAmazinq

    Java Remove tags on items to avoid Swearing (SkyWars)

    Hey there! 😃 As you know, in Skywars you can take an item and change his name using an anvil to make funny messages when you kill someone for example. The problem The fact is that not many people use it to do that and what they do is put inappropriate tags or toxic messages. Some time ago...
  10. xAmazinq

    Implemented Place loot inside the trapped chest in map Ping Pong (SkyWars)

    Hey, in many skywars maps you can find trapped chests and you have to obtain the loot fast before everything explodes. In the case of Ping pong, there is an empty trapped chest right in the middle so my suggestion is to place loot inside the chest like in the rest of the maps! 😄 That's the...
  11. xAmazinq

    Implemented Change the order of Minerware and Among slimes NPCs in lobby

    Hello! My suggestion is easy. Just putting Among slimes npc where Minerware and Minerware npc where is Among slimes. NPCs are ordered from highest to lowest number of players and usually Minerware has more players online than Among slimes (Not always but most of the times) Here is a proof...
  12. xAmazinq

    Planned Plus Rank Months

    Hi everyone! My suggestion is to make plus payment more confortable and able to pay with all payment methods. How? Separating plus rank in months, so you could be able to buy 3 months o plus directly for example (Wihout being a monthly suscription) A friend made a post saying that he just can...
  13. xAmazinq

    Java Skywars random dirt blocks (Tron map)

    Playing Skywars (Tron) I found two dirt blocks under the furnace and the crafting table. Both blocks are absolutely absurd and there are very ugly I'll show you a video to make you understand it better Video My suggestion is replacing both dirt blocks by black wool Tell me your opinion ;)
  14. xAmazinq

    Java Replace cobweb for wool - Minerware Arcade map

    Hi, I was playing Minerware and everything was okay. I won a game and then I joined a random map but... What's the problem? When I joined Arcade map, my computer started dying and my FPS were between 20-30. I had extreme lag and It's impossible playing like that so I had to leave... This...
  15. xAmazinq

    Java Change the colours of damage indicators

    Hello everyone, I think that current damage indicators colours are not good and they should change them Why? I will show you a picture about the actual colours As you can see, all texts are the same colour and when you fight, you can't see the damage indicator properly My suggestion is...
  16. xAmazinq

    Java Add speed eggwars maps to the normal eggwars

    Since Speed Eggwars closed, I have noticed that they haven't added a lot of new maps and I think it would be pretty easy to do. How? From what they have told me, they will not bring speed eggwars back so all the maps that were in speed eggwars will not be used. I propose to modify some of them...
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