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  1. Knazamn

    A Person Named 'Knazamn'

    Hii! I'm Knazamn. I joined the Forums a few days ago, and decided I should make an introduction. By the way Knazamn is my username on both Bedrock and Java. I am both a Java (level 30) and Bedrock (level 9) player. On Java I mostly play Among Slimes, Tower Defense, Parkour and Skyblock. I also...
  2. Knazamn

    Java Among Slimes Tube Test Suggestion

    So in Among Slimes, you have a task called Tube Test. It's basically you walk up to it, right click and then click the three clays, then come back in a minute. Then you click the tube that has a red clay under it. However, you don't know when the task is ready to be finished. You can either...
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