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  1. funbetelguese

    Bedrock Suggestion Of Tag wars Minigame

    Hello the Cubecraft team, I'm Betelguese and I Just want to make a suggestion of a new minigame that can be added I was hoping if the Cubecraft Team could add a new Minigame called Tag Wars, the game is very simple All players will not be It and one of the players could be it, the players have...
  2. funbetelguese

    Bedrock Request a African region

    Hello the cubecraft team, I am FunBetelguese and i have a request to make For the past few years or months, we have recieved a American region, European region, an South American region and even an Asian region But we sadly dont have a African region, i really love this server but i find it...
  3. funbetelguese

    Resolved I accidently got banned on discord

    Hi, i am very sorry for accidently getting banned on the server, i did not know that i should not advertise other minecraft server I was trying to explain something to a friend and i accidently got banned from the cubecraft discord server, i think this was a false ban but i hope you can try to...
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