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  1. Mivke

    Video Cubecraft funny clips #19

    Yesterday i uploaded my 19th version of cubecraft funny clips! Go and watch it :)
  2. Mivke

    Video Funny clips #7 -Mivke

    Hey! I uploaded funny moments 7. Enjoy!
  3. Mivke

    Video Funny clips #6 -Mivke

    Hey! I uploaded my 6th video of funny moments, enjoy!
  4. Mivke

    Planned More friend slots for obsidian rank: 125 -> 200

    Title says it, we need more friend slots. Why? Because 125/155 is way too low. I keep getting asked for ''friend add'' but i litterally cant add him. Ive removed so many friends for friends. I wanna add so many people but i just cant.. While other servers dont even have a limit. Obisidian rank...
  5. Mivke

    Video Funny clips #5 -Mivke

    Today i uploaded my 5th funny clips video. Enjoy!
  6. Mivke

    Implemented Remove or Move the emerald gen in mansion (Team eggwars)

    In java team eggwars map mansion the emerald gen is here and its a bad place. Why? If you want to run you place blocks to go over the fences but you cant there. Because the gen is in the way. You probally think this is fine but its not. i always get stuck here and get killed. Its so anoyying...
  7. Mivke

    Video Funny Clips #3 -Mivke

    hello! I just uploaded a new funny clips video. ENJOY!
  8. Mivke

    Escalated Modify custom duels more.

    Since the duels map update old maps got removed for nice fresh big new ones. But now you are stuck inside a barrier box where you cant escape. This is great but only for normal duels, custom duels should have an option to remove the barrier blocks and the anti explosive blocks outside the...
  9. Mivke

    Java Wich bossgame do you like the most in Minerware?

    experiment. You can vote 2, your 2 favs.
  10. Mivke

    Blockwars Core from 25hp to 15hp.

    So, why is blockwars core so un populair by the blockwars players? Because the games take way to long with 25hp. If you are mining it and you killed someone he can be back before you even mined the second time. I played 10 games and i won 9/10 times in overtime. The games are taking too long and...
  11. Mivke

    Java Activate the second iron gen on team map space

    So, on the team eggwars map space (4 in a team) there are 2 iron gens 1 is level 1 and the other one is broken. If we start we are all going to the first gen and then stand afk for 2minutes so we have enough iron to get our items. If you look at other maps with teams of 4 magic has 2 activated...
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