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  1. xKqctuz

    🎉🎁 Festive Bundle Giveaway ⛄🎉

    Wow, This is great, good luck to the other participants. 🤩
  2. xKqctuz

    🥚 EggWars Update! - Favourite items, Maps, Generator Skins, QoL, Tweaks & More!

    Nice update, you just need to get used to the new shape of the store:')
  3. xKqctuz

    Hey UBRE, Gracias por el follow! 😁

    Hey UBRE, Gracias por el follow! 😁
  4. xKqctuz

    ChanGod! 🙈

    ChanGod! 🙈
  5. xKqctuz

    Duels thanks to cubecraft

    Congratulations, I look forward to what you can accomplish later! 👏👏
  6. xKqctuz

    At the next event I do, I will not hesitate to invite you!

    At the next event I do, I will not hesitate to invite you!
  7. xKqctuz

    A good day to take the train with friends![ATTACH]

    A good day to take the train with friends!
  8. xKqctuz

    Video Eggwars highlights - 3 games

    Great video and good editing, keep it up! ;D
  9. xKqctuz

    Favorite game-mode

    It is definitely the eggwars
  10. xKqctuz

    How's life?

    Is good
  11. xKqctuz

    Video Cubecraft vid

    Congratulations on your 500th victory, I hope you can achieve your next goals, best regards!
  12. xKqctuz

    Olaaa :D

    Olaaa :D
  13. xKqctuz

    Bedrock SkyWars Marathon

    Great video bro! You continue like this, soon you will be inside the leaderboard B)
  14. xKqctuz

    Bedrock TNT Run

    I understand your point:(
  15. xKqctuz

    Bedrock TNT Run

    I think it would be very nice to have the TNT Run game mode as one more game in cubecraft, I mean it would be fun to play it, and not only wait for it in minerware, but also have a leaderboard or some rank, it's just a nice idea :3
  16. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Pvp

    I don't understand your idea very well, do you mean other potions? (when saying effect)
  17. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Bed wars

    Eggwars is better! >:D
  18. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Eggwars Trios

    Thank You!
  19. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Eggwars Trios

    It is a benefit for those who cannot find a fourth player :3
  20. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Eggwars Trios

    it would be astonishing to see it in bedrock
  21. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Eggwars Trios

    I know that there are people who have had this idea, I am one of them, I think it would be good to implement this game mode, and I could say that it would be the most played game mode, or the second because duos is still fun, what do you think? seems if this is implemented?
  22. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Egg wars Rank

    yeah bro, im level 208 in bedrock
  23. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Egg wars Rank

    When you get the rank, you will have it permanently, so do not hesitate to take advantage of the offer!
  24. xKqctuz

    Video YoshiGameplayX 10k wins tribute.

    Congratulations! Getting that must be tricky and time consuming, good skill
  25. xKqctuz

    Bedrock Fix Party chat

    Wow, I was not aware of this, it would be great if the permissions were available, you could come up with plans or tactics against rivals.
  26. xKqctuz

    Denied More 8 player maps for Solo EggWars

    Good idea, the same thing I thought, for those of us who want fast games and that the game easily fills up in seconds!
  27. xKqctuz

    Hola carnal

    Hola carnal
  28. xKqctuz

    Video Ccg montage again?

    Great montage bro, keep it up! :3
  29. xKqctuz

    Annoyance of Quests

    In that you are right, there are people who only come in to have fun, and the waiting time is usually too much
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