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  1. Stijnnn_

    Java Add Luckyblock PvP (minerware bossgame) to the game cycle

    Hello and good day! Today i have a suggestion regarding the Luckyblock PvP game from minerware! Whats the idea: The idea is simple, add the minerware bossgame luckyblock pvp to the featured game order, ofcourse with some minor changes which il'll get back to later in this post. Why should this...
  2. Stijnnn_


    respect to wilson
  3. Stijnnn_

    Merry Xmas

    Hey everyone! I wish y'all a merry christmas and a happy & healthy 2022. Lets make it another good year for the cubecraft community!
  4. Stijnnn_

    Bugg hunters belike

    DO NOT USE ANY BUGGS!!! This bugg has been reported already.
  5. Stijnnn_

    CubeCraft Related texturepack

    Hello everyone! I was bored and realised that almost all of the pvp texturepacks are for 1.8.9, so i am gonna make a cubecraft texturepack! The main idea is as much textures cubecraft related. Please post ideas down here. And also, would you use this? Reply to the poll! Have a great day <3
  6. Stijnnn_

    Whats your voting streak?

    Heyy y'all! Im wondering, do you follow the voting streak? If yes; let me know how much you are on right now! Im on 188!
  7. Stijnnn_

    Simple, is simple

    just finished simple parcour in like 15 minutes, feeling good!
  8. Stijnnn_


    Anyone please agree with me that bows are for campers and everyone uses them... Im legit angry, after some1 bowspammed me and my teammate off the map after 30 MINUTES OF FARMING on mid without us being able to come even near mid. Then, lets add the bugged shield that makes it legit impossible...
  9. Stijnnn_

    Java Less dia gens in eggwars

    The idea. The main idea of this suggestion, is removing dia gens on private islands. I will explain why later in this suggestion. What should happen: The cubecraft team should remove diamond generators from private islands / the island inbetween two islands. Why: Having less campers Less...
  10. Stijnnn_

    All Networks Network Groups Suggestion

    The idea (short): The idea is that you can create groups for friends / clans to talk. Having daily challenges you can complete only by working together, and giving little rewards (points, xp, cubelets?) You can come closer to people and talk / make friends! The idea (clearly explained): Getting...
  11. Stijnnn_

    Java New eggwars gamemode suggestion

    Hi, i have a suggestion for a new gamemode in eggwars: Why: Main eggwars is almost no skills, you cant win if you dont have diamonds Hardcore doesnt have punch bows, but you cant heal so its still 'less' skill What is it: Its just regular eggwars but without diamonds and maybe gapples less...
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