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  1. Stijnnn_

    Goodybe Cubecraft (for now)...

    Goodluck, and cya soon!
  2. Stijnnn_

    Will finish?

    maybe never? :o
  3. Stijnnn_

    Skywars and people running away hiding very high or underground (dragging games out)

    building all the way up is considered skybasing, and punishable. and you cant just disallow people to run away since its just part of the game
  4. Stijnnn_

    Java Bedrock Level improvement

    in my opinion the current level system is well designed / working :>
  5. Stijnnn_

    Web Store should automatically adjust to local currency based on location

    that would mean cubecraft's site would have to take more of ur private data on startup, so ill have to disagree on this
  6. Stijnnn_

    Java Bedrock Game duels 2 v 2 mode (upcoming game)

    i think it should stay 1v1 for a while. and maybe later, if the 1v1s work out a 2v2 would be nice. so ill just say unsure for now.
  7. Stijnnn_

    When all enemies choose wrong mode

    haha gg's on the win tho
  8. Stijnnn_

    😭 The Last Edition - TCCT#63

    You will be missed <3
  9. Stijnnn_

    Goldy's introduction!

    hello goldy :3
  10. Stijnnn_

    Are EggWars players good builders?

    not SUPER good at building but can make some alright things if you ask me haha
  11. Stijnnn_

    Video I made a Lucky Islands montage last year! Tell me what you think :p

    Dang looks cool! Keep making these videos its really good edited :O
  12. Stijnnn_

    Nickname origin

    Stijn_ & Stijnn_ were already taken, and my friends all ended with a underscore so i came out on stijnnn_ !
  13. Stijnnn_

    The presentation of diego13500 c:

    nice introduction! I hope ill cya around on the forums! :D
  14. Stijnnn_

    omg eva

    omg eva
  15. Stijnnn_

    Hi lol

    well hello!
  16. Stijnnn_

    Rating every gamemode on Java

    imo skywars and minerware couldve been a bit higher but i agree to the rest of ur ratings! :D
  17. Stijnnn_

    Bedrock cringe

    i like those kill messages!
  18. Stijnnn_

    All Networks secret rewards in hubs

    would indeed be nice to have some more things to do while chilling in the lobby, good idea!
  19. Stijnnn_

    Bedrock I got the max points in minerware

    GG! Im always trying and i got it like once or twice in sooo much games
  20. Stijnnn_

    Discord Add self promoting channel on discord server

    because i dont see a reason for it
  21. Stijnnn_

    All Networks Build batlle Minigame

    a lot of people will hate cubecraft for copying gamemodes if they add this im afraid, else it would be nice!
  22. Stijnnn_

    Ello, Wanderfull people of Cubecraft,

    welcome to the forums! :D
  23. Stijnnn_

    Discord Add self promoting channel on discord server

    You can already promote youtube video's in the #media channel in the discord. Do keep in mind that it has to be cubecraft related. And i think there shouldnt be a other channel for promoting discords or other stuff
  24. Stijnnn_

    207 report verified

  25. Stijnnn_

    Indeed we are 😎🐇

    Indeed we are 😎🐇
  26. Stijnnn_

    Introducing Veadd

    Welcome to the forums! and goodluck with your goals :)
  27. Stijnnn_

    Thanks for this amazing day! 💞

    Im just built different in minerware... Also im glad i was a part of the day (even tho you forgot me in the discord thanks ;p) it was great :heart: <3
  28. Stijnnn_

    Ice castle MELTED

    Nooo not the castle!
  29. Stijnnn_

    You should be able to see it now!

    You should be able to see it now!
  30. Stijnnn_

    Should be better now!

    Should be better now!
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