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  1. spacymoon

    Just Imagine...

    Say the most insane games, gamemodes, anything that definitely wont be added to cubecraft but are just so funny to think about 😆😂 Just Imagine... playing skywars but throwing eggs spawns in 10 tnt, shooting arrows but spawns 20 pigs and putting on diamond armor but its actually leather. What...
  2. spacymoon

    Thank you Cubecraft!

    Hello Friend! :D Im sure you will agree witn me that Cubecraft is doing extremely well. Yes, there are some bugs here and there but the Cubecraft team will always help as soon as they can no matter what the situation is. It's a tough job, yet they will always do their very best to make players...
  3. spacymoon

    Bedrock What game should be added?

    Hello there Friend! :D The new Magic & Mayhem game is absolutely legendary which is why a new game shouldn't be added just yet. But it's always great to discuss what should be added to the server in the near future. I would really like The TNT games to be added. It's a very fun game with tons...
  4. spacymoon

    Add a solo Bridge

    Personally, Bridges is an amazing game. However its just to chaotic with so many people on one team trying to score (Bedrock version). Having the solo or even doubles gamemode will make bridges more comfortable to play on. Leave a comment if you agree
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