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  1. Stitchieee

    Artwork Among Us Art

    Among US (The thing she's holding is a pet, not a helmet) The hands look weird, i know :p
  2. Stitchieee

    Artwork ORIGINAL TITEL >:D

    From sketch, to lineart to the finished product :D
  3. Stitchieee

    Artwork Art :p

    Okay at this point i just wanna post artwork cause i have nothing better to do 😂 I tried out a new shading style which didn't end up working out in the end. The edges are a little rough which doesn't look good but there was supposed to be lineart there but i wanted it to not have lineart so just...
  4. Stitchieee

    Artwork Art :p

    I was drawing this at like 4 AM cause i couldn't sleep, I told Anneum i was drawing something and she told me to post it on the forums if i finished so here. It's the girl that i base my skins on and the girl i always draw xd
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