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  1. SanCookie

    Artwork Doodles of Cubecraft gamemodes! 🖼

    Hi there! I had some fun today with these doodles They represent Cubecraft gamemodes, can u guess them all? Click the to reveal the answer!
  2. SanCookie

    Redstone Marketplace Highlight - Power Bingo 🗺️

    🗺️ Power Bingo Hello there awesome people! My name is San and I'm a Redstone Engineer at CubeCraft. A Redstone Engineer is someone who works together with the Design team to create entertaining minigames for the official Bedrock Marketplace. The task of the Redstone Engineer is to 'make the...
  3. SanCookie

    Planned The better version of Seasonal Map Challenges

    Hello there! With every seasonal update, new seasonal maps become available to play. And with those maps, seasonal map challenges come as well! To complete these, you have to play & win on every single seasonal map. Fill in the poll, so there is a general overview of people who (haven't)...
  4. SanCookie

    Command shortcuts ✂

    Hello, As you might have seen on Cubecraft's Discord changelog channel, a few shortcuts have been added for various commands. They're very useful, but apart from the changelog, they aren't mentioned anywhere else, so I thought I'd quickly write them down and figure out what they do. If I missed...
  5. SanCookie

    Planned The "win 10.000 games" achievement

    The ' win 10.000 games of X' achievement For a lot of gamemodes, there is an achievement which requires you to get 10.000 wins on that specific gamemode. This number is truly insane, people who try to get it, especially on any solo gamemode, put days, weeks, and even months of their time to...
  6. SanCookie

    Implemented Custom reactions for custom subforums 👋 ✅ 🤩😍

    Hello there! Now that we know custom reactions for subforums are possible we shouldn't just stop at suggestions! Here are some suggestions for custom reactions for other subforums. Introductions: 👋 Truly greet new people! News: 🤩 Showing your hype for the new updates, now with emojis...
  7. SanCookie

    Artwork Icon Lucky Blocks 🍕🍀📦🌍

    Icon Lucky Blocks Hello there! 👋 Recently I made some new textures for your lucky blocks! The textures variate from eggs to pizza to a spinning globe. There are some pictures attached to this thread so you can take a look at the lucky blocks. To make everyone happy, I've also added a download...
  8. SanCookie

    Artwork Valentine Lucky Blocks 💘🍀

    Hello there! Valentine's day is coming up and Cubecraft released a small Valentine update. Skywars & Eggwars both got a cool map! But wait, what about Lucky Islands? Don't worry, here's the loveliest Lucky Islands Resource Pack you could ever imagine! You can choose between a variety of...
  9. SanCookie

    Java Lucky Islands Suggestions 🍀!

    Lucky Islands suggestions! Hi there! Welcome back to another episode of 'San comes up with the next Lucky Islands update'! There are a lot of pictures and videos because lets be honest, pictures and videos explain everything way better than words. The thread has been divided into 5 sections...
  10. SanCookie

    the highest parkour jump in the lucky islands waiting lobby

    ever tried this jump?
  11. SanCookie

    Video Oh and you thought block clutches were cool?

    I have no words for what happened here... I had to switch from my elytra to my chestplate because of a bug where you can't pull yourself while being in fly mode with an elytra.
  12. SanCookie

    Animated Lucky Blocks! [DOWNLOAD]

    Hi all! Today I was experimenting some more with lucky blocks and how they look. There is something very interesting about them: you can animate the lucky blocks! Of course, this can't be left unshared, so I created some animations you can download. Pictures Downloads NOTE: The fast...
  13. SanCookie

    Coloured Lucky Blocks! [Resource pack]

    Hi all! Today I decided to release custom lucky block colours resource packs because it's super cool! Downloads NOTE: The fast resource pack still has 3D lucky blocks. In-game pictures Check out these awesome pictures! I put in some maps before some changes. Very OG! Thanks for reading, I...
  14. SanCookie

    [5.79% DONE] Winning on every map with every kit!

    Hi hello I got bored of playing the same kits on the same maps over and over again, so I put myself to a challenge: win with every single kit on every single map of solo Lucky Islands. There are 18 kits and 24 maps which means I have to win 432 games! This thread will of course get updated over...
  15. SanCookie

    Video The sand-ladder fall trap

    Sand can be dangerous watch out
  16. SanCookie

    [FULL] Cubecraft Kahoot quiz (EVENT)

    Helllooooo Today I present you my new Kahoot quiz: General knowledge of Cubecraft! How does it work? In a private Discord, I'll stream a Kahoot quiz. Then you can join using the PIN-code on screen. When? 25/08/2020 - 21:00 (GMT +2 --> Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam) 25/08/2020 - 20:00 (GMT +1...
  17. SanCookie

    Video The mushroom house trap

    Hi i made video don't get trapped by this trap now c:
  18. SanCookie

    Bedrock My thoughts on the Lucky Islands update 💭

    Hellooooo On 21 July, Cubecraft's bedrock edition got lucky because... Lucky Islands got added! 🍀 As a Lucky Islands lover, I had to play it! Here's my experience and my thoughts about the update. Maps 🗺 There are ten maps, five for solo and five for teams. Solo👨 The maps Luck and Pond are...
  19. SanCookie

    [CLOSED] Death Swap Event

    Hi fellow forumers! Today I'm introducing a new event: death swap! Up to eight players can join the event, be quick is the message! Reply to this thread with your IGN and your Discord tag (name#0000). You'll be added to the Discord server. The first ten (7 participants + 3 spare) lucky ones...
  20. SanCookie

    Web [SUGGESTION] Keep "new profile posts" on the right

    Hi I noticed that new profile posts recently disappeared on the beta forums, the were there before, now it's just a "new threads" list. I'd like to keep the new profile posts there Current forums: Beta:
  21. SanCookie

    Video jumping around with tnt

    Hi you could say tnt isn't just a passion but a lifestyle Other TnT montages: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/boom-boom-boom-lol.220702/ https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/tnt-montage-3.217392/ https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/killling-people-with-tnt-and-awesomeness.227543/
  22. SanCookie

    Web [BUG] Picture convertion for some threads

    Hi The pictures in some threads don't convert well, here's an example I found, I'll add all threads I find with this bug to the list Beta: Current: Beta: https://beta.cubecraft.net/threads/unofficial-cubeclient-custom-1-12-client-for-cubecraft-v1-0.238244/ Current...
  23. SanCookie

    Web [SUGGESTION] Different birthday list order

    Hi It's super cool to see that the "Today's birthday" has been given more attention now! But wouldn't it be more useful to orden this list on "most messages" or "reaction score"? Now a lot of accounts that joined the forums once and forever left them after are displayed first because the list...
  24. SanCookie

    Web [BUG] "------ Dark Mode"

    There are a lot of dashes in front of the Dark Mode option (https://beta.cubecraft.net/account/preferences -> "style") This is also the case for Light Mode but with less dashes I also don't understand why it says "Use default style: Light Mod", you could change the "Light Mode" text into...
  25. SanCookie

    Web [SUGGESTION] Add character limit visualisation

    When you type a profile post, you get an error if you past the 420 character limit, it would be useful to see how many characters you typed in a small box like Twitter or Discord has because any BB code counts towards that character limit as well.
  26. SanCookie

    Sometimes you just warz

    Hello I made a thing pls add as new trail in lobby Do you recognise it from anywhere? @SummerWarz DO U RECOGNISE IT FROM ANYWHERE
  27. SanCookie

    Poll quiz 2.0!

    Hi! I’ve been thinking about this thread a lot and I can’t believe the first one has been over a year! Poll quiz is kind of a list of questions you can answer in a multiple choice style. Both the questions and the answers will be in the poll. You won't be able to see the answers publicly. If...
  28. SanCookie

    Video Killling people with TNT and awesomeness

    Hi I made video @Spuuuni @Bruni you're both in it hi
  29. SanCookie

    Redstone [Bedrock] Rocks, Paper, Scissors game!

    Hi there! I decided to create a simple Rps game on the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. How it works When you name any item "Rps" and throw it out, your Rps game will start. You can choose to play "rocks" (cobblestone), "paper" (paper) or "scissors" (shears). After you've played your choice...
  30. SanCookie

    Video boom boom boom lol

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