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  1. MutatedLlama

    Artwork PvP Montages <,3

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs5RF2wUukA 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZfk2FipGIk <,3 Comment what you think :D Only been editing for 2 days.
  2. MutatedLlama

    Tower Defenders Suggestion:

    This shouldn't take much time to explain but here we go. I was just thinking maybe adding points when you claim/capture a hardpoint. :P
  3. MutatedLlama

    Potions in skywars?

    Potions available in "normal" mode: Speed I Fire resistance I Poison I Weakness I Slowness I Regeneration I I decided not to add strength and invisibility because I think it'll be too OP :P Potions available in "OP" mode: Speed II Fire resistance II Poison II Weakness II Slowness II...
  4. MutatedLlama

    Coloured forums name tag for parkour builders..

    So I was recently looking through the "Staff online now" and noticed that there Is no current coloured name tag for Parkour builders. I don't really know if they count as staff but since they technically build for the server I personally think they count as staff accept the discussions over...
  5. MutatedLlama

    Introduce /block?

    So I'm pretty certain all of us have came across that 1 obnoxious player who continues to keep spamming you or breaking the rules constantly in a private message or in community chat. /block is an alternative to people who don't have the forums or cannot report people this is also good for...
  6. MutatedLlama

    Looking for someone to join my island or join your's!

    My island is pretty bad but I'm looking to join a pretty op island. (I'm trust worthy). Thanks for reading!
  7. MutatedLlama

    More slots on skyblock!

    Is it just me or whenever I try to play skyblock it's always full?
  8. MutatedLlama

    What Level Are You?

    This thread Is for the purpose of bragging. <,3
  9. MutatedLlama

    Giveaway Section On the forums!

    Hey guys, recently I've been doing giveaways to help out the community and I've come to the conclusion that there is no giveaway section on the forums. This may seem unnecessary but most of the giveaways are under "media" which may confuse some people. Why should this be added? This should be...
  10. MutatedLlama

    Chance To Win Another Skywars Multiplier x1

    I'v had the go ahead to do one of these giveaways myself! Seen as last time it was pretty unfair and most of the odds where in Aimee's favor I'v decided to do another one to make it fair! Rules: You can only nominate 1 person! Try not to nominate 1 person over and over again (Like the other...
  11. MutatedLlama

    Possible Trading System for Vanity Item's?

    So I was think about a trading system for vanity items. I'm pretty certain we have left over heads/wardrobe vanity items that we don't need so why not trade them to other people who may need them. This is just a suggestion and I would like to see it implemented Into Cube Craft Games. Thanks for...
  12. MutatedLlama

    A dislike option for the forums?

    It's just a suggestion I mean If you can like comment's why can't you dislike them?
  13. MutatedLlama

    You're locked in a closet with the person above you!

    What would you say? What would you do? Start. PS: This may not work but Its worth a try I guess xD
  14. MutatedLlama

    How long Is your Spotify playlist?

    My playlist Is quite small xD I only listen to a certain amount of songs xD http://gyazo.com/d62d50f43bcedd7240989eccfedf7708 10 Songs. Cri D:
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