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  1. xELITESx

    Escalated Friend list update

    I would like to play with friends, and also have an idea of when they last connected to the server, so I think it would be a good idea to add a timer to the players like this: (Some people are likely to say that it is silly to implement this, but details like this may be interesting to the...
  2. xELITESx

    Java Free Sufix Rank

    Hi! If anyone has suggested this, I'm sorry to do it again! I constantly try to think of ideas to help my favorite server to improve, that's why I have come up with this new idea, I await your advice and comment on it, be it good or bad! ^^ I think voting for the server is something important...
  3. xELITESx

    Java New game (SurvivalPlots)

    I have been interested for a long time to give CubeCraft the idea of a game mode based on Survival, I think the best idea would be a system of "Plots" customized for CubeCraft, there could be several types of plots, the first being by default. It would consist of 3 types of plots to choose from...
  4. xELITESx

    Java New game proposal

    I have come up with a new game that may be interesting, tell about the following: A map (there can be variety), of a certain size and number of players, let's give an example (20 players), 10vs10. Of which 10 players are objects (stairs, torches, cake, etc, I can give many objects as ideas), and...
  5. xELITESx

    Implemented [DISCORD] Discord Ranks like CubeCraft Network

    Hi, I thought you should put the CubeCraft Network ranks in Discord; Stone, Iron, Lapiz, Gold, Diamond, Emerald and Obsidian. I think its developers have enough knowledge of JavaSE to create a Bot capable of pinging the Network and thus detecting the ranks of users, even detecting banned or...
  6. xELITESx

    Java Old Pre-Game-Lobby

    As you well know, previously there was a pre-game lobby before each game, for example: SkyWars, you used the compass to go to the SkyWars Lobby and there you could see your stats, search for a specific map, etc. Since unfortunately the number of players had dropped on the server it was decided...
  7. xELITESx

    Java Friends, last time online

    I thought about adding to the command "/ f list", which can also be seen the last time a player connected to the server, example: xELITESx - last time online 15 min ago Player12 - last time online 30 min ago It's a simple idea, but it can be interesting ^^
  8. xELITESx

    All Networks Skyblock

    This is just a message to know if people are really interested in Skyblock mode in CubeCraft to let owners know the idea
  9. xELITESx

    1.13 for CubeCraft Games?

    CubeCraft 1.13 I wanted to know if it is planned to incorporate 1.13 in the future to CubeCraft, implementing everything all the new content. Much of this new survival content can be applied to the "Bingo" mode, due to its relationship with the survival mode. Skyblock mode I sincerely...
  10. xELITESx

    SkyWars update please

    With this message I make a request to update SkyWars. It is one of the best game modes of CubeCraft Games, so you should make updates more often. The only interesting update that I have been able to observe have been the new cages. It would be great to incorporate new original maps and new...
  11. xELITESx

    Why Cube's? is this a republic?!

    The moderators require me to delete my photo of discord !, it is totally alien to CubeCraft without affecting any player! You demand many things and punish for multiple actions which should not be punished. I have decided to leave the Discord of cubecraft for this bad treatment in general. As it...
  12. xELITESx

    SkyWars maps (SOLO & TEAM)

    This is a proposal to implement new skywars maps. the current maps are spectacular, but I believe (my opinion) that new, simple maps should be implemented that attract new and old players. this is an idea especially focused more towards Team mode, lately the maps are much more empty than in...
  13. xELITESx

    New GAME:

    Hello, I'm going to tell you a game that I thought (it's only an idea to incorporate to CubeCraft Games). 4 Teams (or more, just a exemple) : Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. with 10 players per team (exemple) - 4 big islands, - Players must mine for a certain period of time, exemple 15 min. -...
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