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  1. Marieke2001

    🧪 Quality Assurance team - Big revamp!

    Hello everyone! We are excited to share with you all that the Quality Assurance team has been revamped! This has taken a few months in the works and we're super excited to share this with you all! Read on to see what the revamp entails! 👀 👷‍♂️ New Responsibilities! One of the reasons for us...
  2. Marieke2001

    How to create a bug report

    Hey! Thanks for taking interest in reporting a bug for our Bedrock or Java network! We will normally test our games thoroughly before release, however, with a group of 10-20 staff members, some bugs may be uncommon that they won't appear until there are thousands of players playing at a time...
  3. Marieke2001

    Planned Competitive Parkour with Mario Kart features!

    NOTE: I'm part of the staff team, but this does not mean that I have any influence on what games get an update, when they update it and what the content is in these updates. This is why I created this thread, so I can get sincere and honest opinions about this suggestion. Feedback from the...
  4. Marieke2001

    Discord Discord #help

    Ya'll may have noticed that i'm super bored today. So I just came up with an idea. Now I just checked the channel #staff-help on discord and I noticed that there was only one response from a staffmember in four hours, while there were nine questions and three replies by a member to another...
  5. Marieke2001

    My survival server

    So recently I decided to go play survival by myself. I think i've never enjoyed playing minecraft over 10 hours by myself but I managed to succeed this time. Here are some pictures of my server thus far: I traveled oversees for thousands of blocks. It was a literal hell because everything was...
  6. Marieke2001

    Web Long Time No Speak Achievement

    There is an achievement on the forums called “Long Time No Speak”. With this achievement you need to be registered 1 year and have less than 365 posts. I believe that this achievement should be removed due to various reasons. 1) You are only able to achieve this achievement in the first year of...
  7. Marieke2001

    Web Making false submissions banable

    So recently a new member decided to join the forums and straight up copied 3 maps from other minecraft players. I feel like this should be ban-able on the forums as it is against the law to copy those maps without giving the actual credits. Trying to get your stolen map submitted once shouldn’t...
  8. Marieke2001

    [GUIDE] How to become an experienced forum user

    Disclaimer: before I start this thread I want everyone who reads this to take this seriously. If you don’t follow my advice you will never become an experienced forum user. My forums account is older than four years but it was still a challenge for me to become experienced. It takes a lot of...
  9. Marieke2001

    Need help with videocard :cc

    So I have a Geforce GTX 950M, but my laptop keeps saying I have like max 80 fps while my display is showing this; Should't it give me more FPS? It's sometimes between 500 and 700, when I played a couple hours or it just feels like giving more FPS, but most of the time I have >90 FPS. I most of...
  10. Marieke2001

    LAN world problem

    Welp my little sister and I wanted to play together in a LAN world, but I can't join. http://prntscr.com/exegg2 Now i've had the same problem with other people and I can't really fine something on the internet that can solve the problem. Does anyone have an idea about how I can fix this?
  11. Marieke2001

    This has to stop.

    Like seriously. THERE WAS NOT EVEN ONE SECOND LEFT. I'm getting really pissed of by these kind of people. I seriously think people shouldn't be able to vote the last 10 seconds, even if they join last-minute. It's just bad luck if they can't vote anymore and if they really, really, really, need...
  12. Marieke2001

    Most followers

    Hi :). I was watching at the most notable members list (https://www.cubecraft.net/members/) and there are most messages, most likes, most points and thought, why is there not a most followers list? It indicates that people are helpful and friendly, because why else would people follow you...
  13. Marieke2001

    Video Rip Mr. Pig

    Please don't hate me. Got karma anyways because someone shot me off with a bow.
  14. Marieke2001

    Video I got bored 2.0

    Enjoy watching it ;). HEKS @iGotHacks
  15. Marieke2001

    Thanks everyone! ^.^ <3

    Because I haven't done a 1 year anniversary or 1k messages thread, I'm making this thread because I hit 1.5k messages (tbh I just felt like making one and this is just an excuses to make it xD ps: don't congratulate me, because just nah). @iLoveYouu huehue i'm just gonna do it even though you...
  16. Marieke2001

    Video 1v1 Duels 1.8

    I got bored. kbye
  17. Marieke2001

    Nvidia control panel

    My cousin though that it was fun to mess around with my Nvidia control panel, while my settings where perfectly fine. I had between 100 and 300 FPS at minecraft. My FPS is now 30 (Yes, my framerate is at maximum and yes display says i'm using Nvidia) and I tried to change it back and it didn't...
  18. Marieke2001

    Blurry videos

    I've a new laptop, so I had to install OBS again, but when I watch my videos back, they're blurry. As excample: Is there anyone who can help me? Idk in which section I had to place this thread xd.
  19. Marieke2001

    Report a player

    Report a player has been changed so you can only watch your own reports? If it did, let me explain why it should be back the way it was: @Sijpieboy was muted for 6 months (or something like that). He watched the thread that someone made about him and it was clearly fake. Now you can't see the...
  20. Marieke2001

    To-do list

    Lateley some staff members have said that cube is working on updates at some games. I was thinking that we actually don't know anything about the projects that developers/staffs are working on and how long it will take. So my suggestion is: Adding a To-do list. You can see all the projects where...
  21. Marieke2001

    we're done.

    [WARNING] we're not pissed or mad, we're just irritated and frustrated :D [WARNING] A thread about assassins, again. But this one is not like the usual thread. Me and my friends are frustrated. Since Assassination is 1.9, the game has become pathetic. We've tried to improve the game, but...
  22. Marieke2001

    Skywars is getting on my nerves

    Lateley i've been getting on my nerves at skywars. Let me explain it to you: I'm waiting till the game starts: Skywars starting in 5 seconds Skywars starting in 4 seconds Skywars starting in 3 seconds [name] has voted for overpowerd chest! Skywars starting in 2 seconds Skywars starting in 1...
  23. Marieke2001

    OBS has some issues

    I've OBS now for 6 months and I never had problems with the program, till a couple weeks ago. 'High encoding CPU!'. I put my fps from 40 to 25, doesn't work. I only have minecraft, skype and OBS open when i'm playing minecraft. I don't know what to do ;-;. Can someone help me? - Greetings, Marieke
  24. Marieke2001

    9 fun facts about me

    I'm bored, so I decided to tell you guys 9 fun facts about me in Minecraft :3. First fact: I'm weird. Don't start a conversation with me, you'll regret it xD. Second fact: I only play at cubecraft, I don't like other servers. third fact: I had a Minecraft boyfriend 2 years ago xD. I was 12...
  25. Marieke2001

    Adding a new command to cube!

    @LVA071-Luc, @Sijpieboy and I came up with an idea :D (Sorry if i'm making some grammatical mistakes). What if cubecraft would add a new command which is for all games! I'll explain our idea with, as example assassins. We've seen quite many people asking in chat these things: - what can you...
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