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  1. TheZigbot9000

    Goodbye For Now... Sorry

    Hi Guys. Ziggy here with some rather disappointing news Yes I left the staff team. Things have been very busy for me lately and I didn't have enough as much time to contribute to Cubecraft as I wanted to. Work hours have picked up out of nowhere for me and now i'm behind on my schoolwork and...
  2. TheZigbot9000

    Font Size

    So this has been bothering me for a bit even on the old forums and now i still see that it's a recurring problem on here so i just wanted to raise some concern about it. While working on the Tower Defence threads i notice that some of the font sizes are inconsistent. I can't seem to find the...
  3. TheZigbot9000

    Java Lower The Protection On Armor

    Hey Guys! Just want to share with you a concern that i started to ponder my mind in the game of Eggwars. So if i'm remembering this correctly, there used to be a time where the armor used to be Protection V, but that was lowered to IV shortly after the server upgrade to 1.9, and that definitely...
  4. TheZigbot9000

    Tower Defence Almanac - Tower Information

    Hey Guys Zig here bringing you an updated version to a thread made by @Sophie. Since she's on a bit of a hiatus and the thread is outdated due to some new towers coming out i thought I'd take it upon myself to update it for her. All the information she presented about the towers will be used...
  5. TheZigbot9000

    What’s your favorite mob in Minecraft?

    Okay this might be classified as a useless thread but I’m just curious. So lately I’ve been in a normal vanilla Minecraft mood and I got a little curious and started watching different Minecraft videos on YouTube. Ever since I first picked up on the game of Minecraft, I’ve always been a fan of...
  6. TheZigbot9000

    Java Skyblock: Adding More Players to an Island

    Hey Guys! Did my research and didn't find this suggestion anywhere so i thought i'd make it known. Gonna keep it short and sweet. Me and a group of friends started playing Skyblock although our group kinda exceeds the player limit on a co-op island. I think we should add more player slots to a...
  7. TheZigbot9000

    Java Eggwars Guide - OP Mode

    I see a lot of people on the forums complaining about Eggwars, more specifically overpowered, half health. It is annoying to constantly play the same game mode over and over again, but i'm sad to say that I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. As long as you have players with ranks that...
  8. TheZigbot9000

    Tower Defence Almanac - Mob Information

    Hey Guys! Zig here bringing you an updated thread in response to the older one that I made about the different mobs you'll encounter in a game of Tower Defence. That thread was kinda cluttered so I made a completely new one that took its place. I'll be highlighting the strengthens and weaknesses...
  9. TheZigbot9000

    Any way to lower your ping?

    Okay so I’ve recently ran into a problem. Now I usually get between 100 - 200 ping on the server which idrc about. I’m pretty content with as it’s still very much playable. However, others don’t think so and on multiple occasions from different players I’ve been called a “lagger” or “Buy WiFi”...
  10. TheZigbot9000

    Well... I'm back

    Hiya Guys! I'm a little shy when it comes to introductions and stuff so ima keep this short For those who don't know me I'm TheZigbot9000, but you can call me Zig. Most of y'all see me as a completely new person. It's not your fault though since I spent way less time on the forums than the...
  11. TheZigbot9000

    Factural Facts

    I actually got this forum game idea from an IFunny post sent by @Snodia. So basically the objective of this game is to post obvious or "factural facts" that sounds smart, but should be common sense. Example: 1. If you hit the off button on your TV controller your tv will turn off 2. Science...
  12. TheZigbot9000

    Tower Defence - Mob Information

    First of all i would like to thank @superxsnap and @Cheez for there contribution to the TD Guides. I was planning to do them myself but i was busy on a Business(Band) Trip and the guides i did on the chunk website are lost. >.< Anyways since it has not been done yet, I am going to go through all...
  13. TheZigbot9000

    1.9 Complaints

    I kinda figured this would happen, Therefore i made a thread about it. The amount of threads showing negativity to 1.9 is rising and hopefully i can decrease some of the hysteria. Of course when you release a new version or update a server to a brand new version of minecraft it is going to have...
  14. TheZigbot9000

    2 Truths and a Lie

    Hey guys. Ziggy here coming out with another forum game that i hope you may enjoy How to play: So the objective of this game is to tell 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself and have the next poster(s) attempt to guess what the lie is. Poster 1: Posts 3 statements; 2 truths and 1 lie (do not...
  15. TheZigbot9000

    Secret Spots in da Hub

    So i went exploring around the hub and i found this xD Share some of your spots here :) It can be any Hub
  16. TheZigbot9000

    Buy, Sell, Trash

    Instructions: Give 3 choices of Items, the person below would have to choose to Buy one item, Sell One and Throw away the other item. Example: Cupcake, Diamond Sword, Computer. I would buy the computer, sell the diamond sword, trash the cupcake(I needed to lose weight anyway) Make sure to...
  17. TheZigbot9000

    Steal The Diamond - An Original Chunk Forum Game

    This is a game i'd like to call Steal the diamond. We've had it on the chunk and i was hoping you guys would like it here. Anyways the rules are to steal the diamond from the previous poster, and then hide it. DON'T FORGET TO HIDE IT!!! Note: The diamond cannot be recreated nor destroyed, so...
  18. TheZigbot9000

    Block Wars: Team Balancing Dilemma

    Hi There :). Ok now I've been seeing tons of threads about the upsetting Block Wars team balance system, and i must ask, Why get all bent out of shape about it? The reason the team balance is present is to avoid an unfair advantage in the number of players on each team. If you don't want to be...
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