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  1. ItsNinjaa

    Video 10 000 Wins In Team Eggwars

    My last video ever, I hope you enjoy. Thank you @Anneum to take your time for us and open the private game <3
  2. ItsNinjaa

    Video Beating targetters in Team eggwars

    Another new video on my channel. I hope you like this one
  3. ItsNinjaa

    Video Beating Trashtalkers in Team eggwars

    killing trashtalkers I hope you enjoy this one :)
  4. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars Montage

    A new montage from ItsKs & ItsHideOrFight on my channel! Check it out
  5. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars montage 5

    New Eggwars montage Personally one of my favourites that I made. Check it out and I hope you like it.
  6. ItsNinjaa

    Video Important announcement - pvp montage

    Since I am going to be way less active and I was inches away from quitting, my friends came with the idea to make it a shared channel. From now on, everyone from ItsTeam will be allowed to upload on my channel. This means there are coming more regularly videos in the future. Check out this pvp...
  7. ItsNinjaa

    Video Rank Upgrade Giveaway

    To Celebrate hitting 1K subscribers, I am giving away a Java rank upgrade to the winner of the giveaway. Check in the description of the video how to enter. And also enjoy the video.
  8. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars Montage - Java Edition

    Hopefully my last video before 1K subscribers Rank upgrade giveaway coming soon.
  9. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars World Cup Quarter Finals

    Last Saturday I played the quarter finals of the eggwars world cup. Here is my pov highlights, I hope you like it.
  10. ItsNinjaa

    Java Emerald shop

    (I am talking about eggwars) Yesterday, they made the sharp 8 sword and the best picaxe way more expensive. I think the most people agreed to make it a bit more expensive, but holy damn. I am just wondering if people actually agree with making the sword twice as expensive and the picaxe 3...
  11. ItsNinjaa

    Video Road to 1K Subscribers

    Just some clips I wanted to share and to prove that I am still active. (we are almost at 1K subs btw) I hope you like it
  12. ItsNinjaa

    Implemented Storm Team colours

    Hello! I have a very simple suggestion about the map in storm. With the new eggwars update, they changed some little things in certain maps. In the map storm they removed the helicopters with the team colour from the islands. It would be nice to add something at the bottom of the map to know...
  13. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars World Cup - ItsTeam Montage

    Hey guys! Me and my friends played in the first round in the world cup -ItsFadedAway and Kay ended in a defeat in the first game despite having 7 elimenations, -The second match ended with a crazy clutch by ItsFadedAway to win the round with the most points. -Me and Senne won our first round...
  14. ItsNinjaa

    Video Spiderman Gameplay in Skywars - road to 900 subscribers

    With the new spiderman movie I had the idea to make this video with some epic gameplay with pearls and levitation arrows Please check it out and let me know what you think. Happy new year by the way! best wishes for 2022!
  15. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars Montage - Road to 900 subs

    I would appreciate it a lot if you check out this video and help me hit 900 subs. I hope you like it!
  16. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars highlights - 3 games

    I played 3 epic games and tried to edit with some good music This is the first time I try this so I would appreciate if you could give me some feedback and tell me what you think about it. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. ItsNinjaa

    Video ItsTeam vs The Whole Map

    We challenged our friends for 2 games ItsTeam vs the whole map and the only way we could win is if we can get all the eggs before dying. Unfortunately for us it went completely wrong. Maybe too ambitious and a bit unorganised, but it was a fun to try. I would appreciate if you watch the video...
  18. ItsNinjaa

    Video New Eggwars Content

    My 80th Eggwars video :) I hope you like it!
  19. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars 4 v 1 clutch in Creepy

    I uploaded a new video, check it out! I hope you like it
  20. ItsNinjaa

    Video New Eggwars Video

    New Eggwars content I hope you like it
  21. ItsNinjaa

    Video Eggwars Short Halloween Montage

    if you don't mind, this video takes 2 minutes of your time and I would appreciate it if you give it a watch. Text me if it was worth it. More videos coming soon <3
  22. ItsNinjaa

    Video More Eggwars - With the one and only ItsSennee

    Come and see the eggwars master and me play a clean game of eggwars with 16 Elims and 8 eggs in one game. I hope I could entertain you for 5 minutes. Thanks for watching!
  23. ItsNinjaa

    Video Back with Eggwars Content

    I am back with a new eggwars video, I hope you enjoy it, go check it out!
  24. ItsNinjaa

    Implemented the diamond generators in map beach - Eggwars

    (About Team Eggwars Map Beach) Who decided to create a middle where at one side the diamond gen is lvl 3 and at the other side lvl 2 ?! It gives one side more advantage than the other side and this makes the game unfair. It's easy to criticise without giving any solution so here it is : Reduce...
  25. ItsNinjaa

    It's Time You Get to Know Me - ItsNinjaa

    Hello Cubecrafters I am here to introduce myself 😃 My MC name is ItsNinjaa. I've been a concistent cubecraft player since the 1.9 pvp update, but never been that active on the forums. Team eggwars is the game I play the most, because it's without a debate the best game on Cubecraft 😉 I have...
  26. ItsNinjaa

    Video New Team Eggwars Montage

    I made a new montage today, have a look and let me know what you think. 🤔 I hope you enjoy the video and already a thank you for watching!
  27. ItsNinjaa

    Video Private games with HackersDontWin and CO

    I joined HackersDontWin his stream to play some private games with tryhards in team eggwars I hope you like the video, can you guys give me some feedback ? Thank you :)
  28. ItsNinjaa

    Java Eggwars map Teaparty feedback and poll

    Hey, as an experienced eggwars players I always wanted give feedback about the map teaparty. a lot of people hate the map and others love the map and that's why it's interesting to have a look at it. It's without a doubt the most impressive map in Team Eggwars (shoutout to the builders of this...
  29. ItsNinjaa

    Video Back with Eggwars Content

    I am back with a new eggwars video Go check it out and I hope you enjoy it
  30. ItsNinjaa

    Video 500 Subscribers on youtube

    Some of my favourite plays of my eggwars 'career' in one video I hope you like it and why don't you watch some of my others videos if you enjoy the content (1.9 java edition) Thank you to my subscribers
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