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  1. Diav

    Builds Happy Birthday!

    Today I made this build for my friend's 17th birthday. I rushed this build and made it in about a hour so it's pretty simple but I like the way it turned out c: Hope you'll like it as well! P.S. I know the coloring and details of the present aren't that good but I made it in literally 5 minutes...
  2. Diav

    Builds Realistic landscape

    Hey :D After a weird period I got back into building yesterday and I quickly made this simple landscape, hope you'll like it and I'd like to know what you think about it :>
  3. Diav

    All Networks [SUGGESTION] Remove debuffer kit from Eggwars

    As the title says, I am writing this thread to remove the debuffer kit from Eggwars. What is the debuffer kit? It's a kit that gives you a splash potion of Weakness and a splash potion of Slowness Why would I like to remove it? Let's say that this isn't a kit that a lot of people use, but when...
  4. Diav

    Diav's introduction

    Ok so here I am after 5 months since I joined the forum doing my introduction, I wanted to do it before but I was just too lazy. My real name is Marco, I am 17 (18 in august) so yeah I am pretty old and I am italian, I live close to Venice. In my free time I like to play videogames (Minecraft...
  5. Diav

    Builds Legendary map I built for the spring contest

    This build took me really long and I worked on this almost everyday since the start of the contest. I am really happy of the result and I hope you'll like it as well. The build and the render are completly made by me
  6. Diav

    Builds Old build's rander

    I don't know what this should be, maybe a temple, I built this around 2 years ago and I'm sharing it just to show my second render ever. The build isn't that good, it doesn't have many details and I know it's nothing impressive. I just wanted to share my render. Give me your feedback if you want...
  7. Diav

    Builds Quick update of what I'm building

    This is a work in progress as you can see but I just wanted to share it. I started this using a reference but now I am adding random details as the flowers or the plants, it looked way too empty and I wanted to give it more details and more colors. When I'll finish the island I'll add some rocks...
  8. Diav

    Artwork Breaking bad drawings

    Made these the last summer as a challenge with a friend, never finished the second drawing cause I got bored of it :cool:
  9. Diav

    Builds Bedwars map

    So I built this map as a commission for a server where I am builder. As you can see I wanted it to have a very simple but effective design: I used mostly clay and tried to give it like a cartoonish vibe. I didn't want to add too many details cause I've been playing eggwars for so long and I know...
  10. Diav

    Artwork Art

    Made this a few months ago
  11. Diav

    Builds I need your opionion

    So I'm building on a new project but I don't know what's the best of these 2: I personally prefer the granite one because I think if I choose the green one it'd end up being too boring becuase the terrain will also be gray and with a bunch of green plants. I also let you the reference I'm using...
  12. Diav

    Artwork A couple of drawings I made

    Hope you like them, I made them just using a pencil. :cube:
  13. Diav

    Builds Random build

    So I built this using a reference and I'd like to know what you think about it. :cube:
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