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  1. Gamenight888

    All Networks Adding how long your game was after winning

    Something I've noticed is that in Solo Skywars after you win, it shows how long your game was. In all Skywars gamemodes, it shows how long you survived for after you die. It doesn't show your game length once you win in any other Skywars mode though. I think this goes with Java as well. It...
  2. Gamenight888

    All Networks Leaderboards for kills and levels?

    Something I've noticed is that there are no leaderboards for the amount of kills someone has. I've also noticed that there are no leaderboards for level. This would be a nice thing to have to see how many kills and level someone has. Should this be a feature?
  3. Gamenight888

    Bedrock Not wiping players' stats after being banned for cheating?

    Hello anyone who sees this. Today I'd like to talk about something that's been kind of annoying me a bit for a while now. So recently I've found several cheaters on Cubecraft, and some of them have been leaderboard players. For example, ZuryCookie, #27 in Skywars teams of 4 was blatantly hacking...
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