Minecraft PC IP: play.cubecraft.net

Wave Master6982

Hello I’m the master of the waves Wave Master6982.
Irl Name- Alex
I like building and pvp.
I play eggwars the bridge and CTF.
Feel free to duel me or play a few games.
My bedrock ign is Oceanus 6982
Level- 85
Vip Level- 5
Squad ew- leaderboard top 50
Bridge- 350+
CTF- 120+
Duo ew- 104

Retired java player lol.

Need someone to squad or bridge with party invite me when I’m online.My Xbox ign is Wave Master6982.

From The United States

Best friends online

PiousSteak38010 JMcStarrison VeryCornet2983 SEN0RWIZZARD EfranXMagicXPro Destroyer110606

All my irl friends play fortnite lol


Q.Where do you live?
A.How about you find me.

Q.How did you find cubecraft?
A.I found cubecraft due to a Youtuber named Preston plays back in 2016.

Q.What is your favorite game?
A.My favorite game is tower defense when I used to play it.

Q.What was the first game you played on cubecraft?
A.It was team eggwars back when I used to play java.

Q.How did you find Minecraft?
A.I found Minecraft in late 2015 through dantdm

Q.What was your first version of Minecraft you played?
A.Console edition > Java > Bedrock

Q.Why did I switch to bedrock?
A.I switched to bedrock because my pc was so laggy and also so I could play with my friends.

Q.Why did you switch from legacy edition to java?
A.It is because there were no servers and command blocks.
September 15
United States
None of your business


Ign Oceanus 6982
32nd on Eggwars Squads Leaderboards
:bedrock: Bedrock :bedrock:🎮Switch player🎮
Vip Level 5/ Level 94


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