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    Bedrock No More Axes

    I kinda disagree with u there, there are sometimes where the axe can deal more dmg than a sword if they can know how bunny hop or even jump attack. Its a bad idea to remove the axe since there are other people who use it too
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    Java Bedrock A new pet design?

    Basically my new pet idea here is like this: Jk It's this: My idea for a new pet idea is a slime inspired from SCP-999 from the SCP foundation basically (coz why not? I mean like I'm a fan of this) That's it :DD Idk if this is even the right forum page to post a new pet idea-
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    When Ur luck is too much:

    When Ur luck is too much:
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    Bedrock A CTF map idea...

    So the last new map from CTF was Beach and my mind here decided bro say "hey V how about try giving the staff a new map design?" And I decided to make this new map: Name: "Blossoms" *The pics are just the scrapes of the map but what I showed u guys is just the context of the whole idea of the...
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    All Networks Map suggestions should try to be back...

    Oh! No problem if I gave u a idea pal :))
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    All Networks Map suggestions should try to be back...

    How about blockwars maps? Like in ctf and bridges? Btw good evening/morning/afternoon
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    All Networks Map suggestions should try to be back...

    Hello can I suggest that the Cube staff should at least allow players to submit maps ideas like for example, every once in a month, every once in a week Cause I mean like I heard other people say they are slowly losing interest in a game mode that doesn't get a single update and that also...
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    Trying to get better at Mobile :>

    Trying to get better at Mobile :>
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    Thanks for this amazing day! 💞

    Ohhh sorry for late reply😭😭 I was asleep at this time it was posted but still Happy Birthday 🥳🎂
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    Java Bedrock Elytra Wars

    If there are any further questions please don't hesitate to ask me ^^ Oh and about the shears again. It will only last if that person who is trying to shear the an another did. It will only last in near proximity only ( this means u can shear that person's wings while chasing them )
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    Java Bedrock Elytra Wars

    So I planned on making a new game mode and it's called Elytra Wars. Basically here's what it is: - It's just a game where all players has Elytras, the main idea of the game mode is to PvP and sabotage others. The Mechanics: 1. After a player has joined a match, they spawn in a platform...
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    Bedrock Suggestions for the server :))

    Okay then, I understand mate
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    Bedrock Suggestions for the server :))

    Hey yeah thanks for the info.! But about the tnt jump I didn't mean it like that I meant that it won't take DMG to my team but instead I meant that it will just DMG the enemy team so that we can tnt jump for some reason.
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    Bedrock Suggestions for the server :))

    So I've been thinking about suggestions: Eggwars: I suggest that you guys should allow us to do a tnt jump because we can't tnt jump in Eggwars no actually. And that when a person dies and spawns they don't spawn with nothing instead they should spawn with full leather armor and a wooden sword...
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