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  • Can someone help?

    I want to change my age , I'm 16 but I accidentally put my age at 26.
    I want to change it to 16
    You have to contact an administrator.
    You can contact with Younisco here
    The fight against cheaters
    Iv'e decided that I'll start to report cheaters in bedrock.
    I join a skywars game with my alt. account and spectate the game analyzing and checking the players.
    When I detect a cheater I start the recording and sending the evidence to the admins.

    together, we can stop the cheaters from ruining games for the majority of the players.
    Contrags to CubeCraft Bedrock!

    I just played today and your hitreg in the bedrock edition is AMAZING!!!

    It's a HUGE improvement from a few weeks ago

    It's probably the best experience I had in PvP in minecraft... Ever (Almost as good as Java in the earlier days
    I'm a 16 year old who beat kids in bedrock while talking to myself....

    Okay lets be serious for one second:
    Hi I'm L0rd3anana! I primarily play on cubecraft bedrock on the nametag HeyItzBlade and sometimes play on the Java edition (Survival)
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