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    Fake hackusator

    Make sure evidence shows the full screen as well.
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    Bedrock Have you ever switched strategies?

    Uhhh yeah but I camp every 100 duos wins and create a fort with a friend or smtg.
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    Bedrock Top 10 Reasons i hack

    Don’t you have 5000~
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    Bedrock oop

    Explain and don’t spam this, if you are going to add something else please do so soon.
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    Bedrock how is "spooky" spooky?

    I’m just saying there’s different parts to it. It’s a good map and I didn’t ask for rudeness
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    Bedrock how is "spooky" spooky?

    It seems that the map it ok. I think if you researched further you’d find some deeper meaning in floor patterns, egg placements, etc.
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    A message to the staff or... anyone else that reads this

    Directly messaging could be more successful
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    Can’t chat on bedrock

    hello you’ve been shadow muted or x box communications banned. Talk to Cubecraft staff listed on discord and forums or try the link listed above this thread. If you are x box banned talk to Microsoft team on your own discretion- that is a separate problem then being cubecraft shadow banned. If...
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    Sentinel Anti CHeat Bug

    You you need to explain what you were doing at the time of the ban. Explain to staff and the helper what you did wrong. Or not- GL
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    A message to the staff or... anyone else that reads this

    talk to another staff about this. Also try and be unmuted.Be apologetic and kind :)
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    Bedrock People claiming to be playing "tournaments" on public eggwars servers

    they want to have fun and it seems some of their games effect the spot and position they get.
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    Remove leather helmet from builder

    So this all comes down to playing style. I play duos and on a map like library the stairscan be difficult to go up. The leather cap has saved my life a few times because I take smaller damage- meaning I can pull off a team wipe with half a heart left. Some people could find the cap annoying...
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    Banned by sentinel

    that is a connection issue. Wifi or your internet isn’t working. You should have been video taping this. If you think your account has been hacked talk to Mojang team. (You can find members here -https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mojang_Studios) Without any evidence of you not actually hacking it...
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    Cubecraft will not give money back. You have already paid and the currency in game (mine coins) can’t be returned. If you believe you deserve an appeal, appeal on forums, if you believe it’s wrong try and talk to the staff member and give explanations. Make sure to be kind and patient. :P
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    I can not put on servers

    I can not put —— on servers? We need information in order to help you out. Thanks
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