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    FFA Whats ur best killstreak? (Lareboard idea)

    This sounds like a good idea actually! My highest killstreak is 102 :)
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    Java inventory/hotbar layout

    1. Golden Apples 2. Sword 3. Steak/food 4. Blocks 5.Pick/bow ( really depends) The rest are either nothing, random or if its a long game extra sets of armour. Offhand: always blocks
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    Blockwars Bridges Powerups

    Yess! As an avid BlockWars Bridges player I totally agree. The Powerups are not only a pretty big component to the game, but also add more fun and difference to the game every time :)
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    Java Suggestion - upgrade server version

    This could be a really cool addition to the CubeCraft server, however as recent comments have highlighted, it's something that will take some time to even consider as many players use earlier versions and may actually lose players due to them not being able to use that version for whatever...
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    Builds Creating A Map (From Scratch)

    This looks really cool and creative! Would be amazing to see this <3
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    im okay how are youu

    im okay how are youu
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    Forwarded More friend slots for obsidian rank: 125 -> 200

    I agree. As a person who's obsidian plus and who's nearly out of slots, it should be increased. So there's a more clearer and a larger divide between emerald and obsidian ranked and their features :)
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    Java Plus Rank - Private Games

    I mean it would be a great idea and balance the fact of people thinking obsidian rank is a bit overpriced, and cubecraft may see an influx in sales. However, as Quis said the server performance will just be overall affected and that would be another problem.
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    Congrats! <3 @Deann

    Congrats! <3 @Deann
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